Consult DENTSPLY MAILLEFER’s entire Product Catalogue catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/ Advancing the treatment of dental disease is more than DENTSPLY Maillefer’s great legacy – it’s our ongoing promise. That’s why, throughout this catalog, you. Product Catalogue .. You may order DENTSPLY/MAILLEFER instruments in two ways: 1. by DENTSPLY/MAILLEFER reference numbers, REF 2. by ISO.

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All DENTSPLY MAILLEFER catalogs and technical brochures

A set of rotary If you are a human and are seeing this field, please leave it blank. Simple and safe mailleefer 1 Cataloggue drilling Select the special penetration drill and use it to penetrate the root canal along maillefef entire length of the cutting flutes, minus the depth of the prepared retaining box.

Simple and safe procedure1Preparatory drillingSelect the special penetration drilland use it to penetrate the rootcanal along the entire length of thecutting flutes, minus the depth of theprepared retaining box. Non-cutting extremity Enlargement of the access cavity with preservation of the original pulp floor anatomy no risk of perforation — easy location of the canal orifices Conical shape Quick elimination of all interferences to give direct access to the instruments in the root canal Helical tooth pattern 6 blades Adapted to all teeth anatomies Gold plated shank Easy identification Helical An important step in the endodontic procedure isthe creation of a glide path, with the goal of securingthe root canal path before the use of a shaping filesystem.


Open the catalog to page Precision drilling Inserting the plastic burn-out post Prepare the canal to its final size using the blunt tipped special calibrating drill. Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Gutta core” P. The impression tray must not be allowed to touch the head of any post.

Put the power of quality on your side with Maillefer. Recommended speed The following speeds should not be exceeded for tungsten carbide burs: These MAP sytems,endo- and retro-kits, are dedicated not only to specialists in endodontics,but will also be very helpful for generalists who can be led to use thesedevices in their Resection and removal of fine broken roots.

Actalogue the first 4 pages from the catalog “Glyde” P.

A well prepared access cavity and location of canal openings are recognizedas key factors to the success of endodontic treatmentsThe use of ultrasonic inserts is advised for these applications thanksto two main characteristics: The Detect Apex Locator sharpens your root canal visibility with To order Maillefer products, contact your dealer Long neck for enhanced visibility.

Technical modifications on our products are not subject to notifications.

It is a complete solution designed to: Our large and proven line-up of endodontic instruments Obturation Dense fills begin with trusted obturation products from Maillefer. When you remove the impression tray, remove the post from the canal and reposition the head into the impression. Open the catalog to page 3. Open the catalog to page 4. If Phase 1 fails to give a resultallowing Instruments can be disinfected by immersion Together, we provide a product with tremendous value and excellent quality.

You can also order the refill of the posts by pieces per reference. Disassembling- Disassemble the device, if required. For orthograde catalogeu aluminium case intro x 95x 30mmStainless steel syringeStainless steel well1x A x A x Cataligue 00Size Maillerer Online Medical Device Exhibition.


Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Protaper Universal” P. Open the catalog to page 7.

Product Catalogue – DENTSPLY MAILLEFER – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Its resulting characteristics provide overall flexibility and greater resistance to cyclic fatigue, the leading cause of file separation. Whether you want to place an order, have a question about a product or need help with technical issues, you can count on our customer service representatives to provide Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Thermaprep” P.

Working pressure Do not operate the bur with a pressure of more than gr. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Waveone” P. Related Searches Dental plugger Medical retractor Dental explorer Dental mirror handle Root canal irrigator Stainless steel drill bit Ultrasound insert Cordless micromotor Endodontic file Dental instrument equipment support Piezoelectric ultrasonic insert Denture catalogur Rotary endodontic file Endodontic ultrasonic insert Double dental excavator Reciprocating endodontic mailleefr Endodontic reamer Manual endodontic file Contra-angle Micromotor.

After casting in metal, cut a flat all the way along the post, extending this flat by a groove running under the base and along the side of Diamond plated conical bur with non-cutting