Peter James Carroll is a modern occultist, author, cofounder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, Carroll’s book Liber Null & Psychonaut is considered one of the defining works of the chaos magic movement. Carroll was a co-founder of the . LIBER NULL PETER J. CARROLL With Illustrations by Andrew David To all who helped keep Liber Null in print and produced a limited edition of Psychonaut . Language English. An Introduction to Chaos Magic. Identifier LiberNullAndThePsychonaut. Identifier-ark ark://t47p93v Ocr ABBYY FineReader

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There may be a loss of physical perspective or body image. This exercise may save one an unnecessary incarnation or two.

His will becomes the will of the universe null some particular aspect. Crying is an infantile form of deconceptualization, laughter, designed to protect libwr eyes and summon assistance.

Free will, for instance, is probably just an illusion caused by some defect in the neuroelectro-biochemical plumbing in the brain. His writing is straightforward and isn’t bogged down with bs. For in all things there is both substance and essence. Forced over-breathing Sensory deprivation Sensory overload Sexual excitation can be obtained by any preferred method. If you have any other keywords you would recommend on this topic i would be more than happy to receive them, google them, and continue learning.

I loved Liber Null, but Psychonaught was beyond me at this point. In extreme forms this manifests as the desire to lay waste to certain aspects of one’s universe with a frenzy which parodies sexual lust. And you have a cleaner slate to work with.

It asks only for food, warmth, sex and transcendence. Egotistical identification, fear of failure, and the reciprocal desire not to achieve desire, arising from our dual nature, destroy the result.

By the alphabet of desire is explained our “inability to make progress in emotional terms. First, the magician describes a barrier about himself with the magical weapon. Psycuonaut forms of three-dimensional barriers that the magician can create using the magical weapon.


The general level of mental noise can be suppressed by silencing the mind by some gnostic method. The will not to fulfill desire arises to reduce fear of failure. The tendency of things to continue to exist, even when unobserved, is due to their having psychonayt being in Chaos. If you understand it would you really think of it as magic?

I initially found chaos magic by some random psgchonaut search and found that it was interesting. Motionlessness Arrange the body in any comfortable position and try to remain in that position for as long as possible.

Secondly, the will and perception are focused as intently as possible by psychonayt gnostic method on the elemental’s sigils or characteristics so that these take on a portion of the magician’s life force and begin autonomous existence. He has bound himself to earth forever and reincarnates at will. With extreme caution he may take small quantities of atropine -like solanum 42 alkaloids. Dice Option Number 1: The command to see one’s hands is suddenly remembered as one 65 realizes one is dreaming.

Peter J. Carroll – Wikipedia

The ritual may be concluded with an aspiration to the wisdom of silence by a brief concentration on the sigil of the Augoeides, but never by banishing. Shamanistic type methods involving the casting of bones, stones, or sticks marked with runes are simplest and psychonxut. But we cannot stop there. To give it one quahty is merely to deny it another. To him nothing is true; everything is permitted.

As reorganization of belief is the key to liberation, so is reorganization of desire the key to will. This also assists with the concentration. Whatever symbolic system or instruments are used, they act only to provide a receptacle or amphfier for inner abilities.

As the avatar of Kia on earth, the Augoeides represents the true will, the raison d’etre of the magician, his purpose in existing. It prepares the magician more rapidly for magical concentration than any of the trance exercises alone. Then again, this insight isn’t the discovery of a single genius or a truth that has been transmitted fr Despite its notoriety, chaos magic isn’t the blackest magic out there, but the postmodern twitch on the oldest of arts.


Ordinary lust is transcended, having served its purpose; the consciousness soars to new peaks of excitation and may pass into something else altogether. The acts of the Black Magician will bind him to earth forever, but — if he be fearful of his ability to find his way back to his previous occult learning, he may strongly visualize the sigil of Chaos shown in figure 7 at his death.

Nuol the vision begins to fade, he goes back to his hands and tries again. Magicians will often use a pagan pantheon of gods as the basis for invoking some particular insight or ability, as these myths provide the most explicit and developed formulation of the particular idea’s extant. Psycjonaut Null contains a selection of extremely powerful rituals and exercises for committed occultists.

Liber Null and Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic

I’ve been studying all things esoteric for over twenty years and i don’t know what the hell shinola is or what it is intended for. Relish the cacophony of neurosis, fantasy, and psychosis which guides material sensationalist culture to an uncertain end. You will not get very far if you follow others. If enough power can be put into it, it will be capable of independent liberr.


That is the burden of intelhgence, of being able to see through it psydhonaut. Kneeling in the dragon position, hands flat on thighs, spine erect, the initiate stares fixedly at the image of his own eyes in a large mirror before him, about two feet away. I had told him i had found out about chaos magic online and he more or less forced me to take this book.