: Klonos for Saxophone Quartet by Piet Swerts: Everything Else. Ok so, I know there’s a published version of this(By Ascolta) and they are incredibly hard to get a hold of. Fortunately Piet Swerts sent me his. Klonos: alto saxophone and piano. Responsibility Uniform Title: Klonos; Notation: Staff notation. . Sonatine sportive: pour saxophone alto et piano [ ].

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Results 1 to 20 of Klonos by Piet Swerts. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Klonos by Piet Swerts Ok so, I know there’s a published version of this By Ascolta and they are incredibly hard to get a hold of.

I’ve found a few slight differences in the parts and it’s driving me nuts that some notes and rhythms are inaccurate.

Klonos, for saxophone & piano

So my question, which version do you have if you have this. I wanted to be able to discuss some of the wrong crap in this piece. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Originally Posted by Dannel.

Ok so, I know there’s a published version of this By Ascolta and they are incredibly hard to get a hold of. Yes, ask the klonox himself!!

He is so nice, and willing to help. He sent me a lot of music and information when I was performing his first Concerto. Im sure he would be happy to help. Also, how do you know that the rhythm’s and notes are inaccurate if you have only the PDF?

Well I don’t like directly bugging composers too much and i’ve already been back and forth with klonoz on several things.

I also figure that this would be a good thread to have in case anyone else was playing this piece kllonos was didn’t know of these errors. So at the end, this will hopefully help others instead of a bunch of people contacting sadophone directly as kllnos might get annoying. I have both his PDF and the published version by Ascolta. Although i’ve been finding a lot of stuff about this piece myself.


I figured others who may be able to study this piece with someone very familiar with the piece such as Otis Murphy might have better answers. I’m sorry if this thread seems silly.

Piet Swerts – Klonos, for saxophone and piano – Classical Archives

I just thought it’d be educational since there are many pieces out there that have several publishing errors. I just remembered another reason why I was wondering this, and perhaps I should be contacting Pat Mann about this Originally Posted by J. I’ve always wondered whether some of those were true errors, or errors from an overly ambitious editor Paul Creston once commented that the tempos were entirely wrong in the Sonata, and they were wrong because his publishing editor changed them I have somewhere in my file a handout that was prepared by Otis Murphy that included background on the piece, analysis, and errata.

I may or may not find it, but I would urge you to contact Otis to see if he could send it to you. He’s very generous and helpful, so don’t hesitate! I lean and loafe at my ease, observing a spear of summer grass. Originally Posted by wfhoehn.

Could you elaborate on wrong? A quick web search doesn’t produce any related quotes. What were the intended tempos?

Creston told all saxophonists at the International Saxophone Competition in Gap, France that he would like the tempo’s changed in the Sonata to: It’s my fault, I wrote for the first movement, and for the third.

Klonos, for saxophone and piano

Sorry if I hijacked this thread, but I greatly appreciate the information regarding Creston’s comments. I’ve been working up the third movement of his kloonos and have listened to as many recordings of it as I can get my hands on, one of which has the movement performed considerably slower than the marked It sounds so much better than the faster recordings that I was planning with some trepidation to ignore the composer’s markings.

What a relief that he agrees!


Thanks Chris, but i’ve already been in contact with Piet Swerts and since there are a lot of errors in the newer published one by Ascolta I just thought I would address them in case someone else might’ve gotten the piece and did not know this. Plus so I could figure out if there were any more errors since every correspondence i’ve had with Piet Swerts has just been “I found this, is this wrong?

So I don’t know if i’ve caught everything or not.

So if anyone else is interested I can upload it to be available. I have found an unusually high tolerance by composers to disseminate their own music with errors or otherwise incomprehensible scribbling they call notation. After corresponding with one particular composer, I was sent music that had been hand[written], ie [scribbled], with notes so small you would wonder how it was ever done in the first place.

It’s a useless score and I haven’t performed the piece yet, or even practiced it In this day and age with computer notation programs there is no excuse for this type of product. That is, if a composer wants anyone to perform their works. Klonos by Piet Swerts search brian sacawa.

Klonos by Piet Swerts also Idit Shner has a downloadable recording of either a selection or the whole thing I dont know the piece. Also, I would love to see a copy of the Otis Murphy Lecture.

Klonos by Piet Swerts I’ve been supposed to scan and send that to a few people and I apologize. I just haven’t had a real scanner yet heheh. Murphy is more than willing to mail out his lecture recital packet to anyone interested in it though.

He’s a real nice guy! Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT. The time now is