Dr. Jonn Mumford (Swami Anandakapila Saraswati) wrote his first book His current books include “Ecstasy Through Tantra, “A Chakra and Kundalini. In the Infinite, there is ecstasy; There is no ecstasy in the finite. Chandogya Upanishad. IN ECSTASY THROUGH TANTRA, Dr. Jonn Mumford celebrates the . Ecstasy Through Tantra by John Mumford, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The word “Khechari” means “wandering in space,” imply- ing the exploration of inner or mental mumfodr. Astral energy progressing through this chakra undergoes transubstantiation, becoming Soma or Amrita, respec- tively, the psychedelic drink of the priests and the elixir of immortality for the Gods.

Such and other deceptions go on in the name of Yoga. InTantra, the six points of the star are the major genital erogenic tantrz of male and female.

The idea thriugh “sexual crime” is limited strictly to those cases that interfere with the free will of another person, e. Illumination through passion, on the path to compassion, exacts its own price. Whose Boat Is This Boat? Her steadiness of position is assisted by his embrace. Achieve Cosmic Consciousness Through Sexual Ecstasy Now, you and your lover can engage in specific sexual techniques and positions for ritual intercourse that will flood you with the overwhelm- ing physical ecstasy which triggers expanded states of consciousness.

Related concepts are magister, a teacher or master, and magus, a magician of adept standard.

Semen even ecsasy antibiotic properties, according to research workers at Hebrew University Medical School, with a particularly effective action upon Staphlyococcus Aureas, or “Golden Staph” the causative organisms of some minor skin infections such as boils. The pink Sanskrit letter in front of the red triangle is Ram pronounced “rum”a power resonance related to the magic fire of “Amon-Ra,” the occult key to closing invocations with “Amen. He now lectures and htrough in Sydney, Australia.


To be completely satisfied with a purely scientific appraisal of what has variously been termed “the Great Work,” “the White Blaze of Kether,” “Samadhi,” and “Nir- vana” is a demonstration of rustic puerility by comparison with the creative value of the actual subjective experience.

Successful sex magic involves an interplay of four factors: Vajroli Mudra is the ultimate in physio- logical recycling. About John Mumford Dr. Chris MoonPaulette Moon. Vajroli Mudra involves urethral sphincter closure exactly as when you cut off the flow of urine in midstream while voiding. Reference to any good dictionary reveals a 1 Chitragupta Temple, Khajuraho. However, the methods and circumstances under which they are utilized differ greatly from those in contemporary Western practices of “tripping.

The Hindu, on the other hand, is scrupulous in hygiene at both ends of the “pipe of flesh,” having a firm tradition of rinsing the anus after bowel activity, using copious quantities of water and the left hand the right hand being reserved for handling food when eat- ing! There are photos of erotic sculptures and even color photos of mhmford showing the secret sexual positions for ultimate bliss. Moistening his right thumb and index finger with saliva, he seals her anus firmly throgh the pad of his index finger while gently inserting the thumb nail pared, smooth and clean into the vagina.

Both assonance and clang Sexual Terminology: The vertebral column known as the “Staff of God” Brahma-dandu in Tantra rests upon the sacrum.

Please refer to the publisher’s website for links to authors’ websites and other sources. Sex is part of all we do, for polarity is the condition of existence, and sex connects the poles – Sex restores Wholeness, Love gives it Holiness.

Ecstasy Through Tantra by Jonn Mumford

As Aleister Crowley pointed out in his Eight Lectures on Yoga, that yoking of an ovum and spermatozoa is the first great Yoga or union. Fear leaves the mouth dry and parched; hence our custom of placing a glass of water on the lecture platform in anticipation of nervous speakers. These distinctions may be enumerated as follows: Kali mumfoed is noted for producing particularly strong vaginal sensations because of the stretch applied to the front wall of the vagina by the penis, which is forcibly pulled back from a normal forty-five degree angle.


Catch Me if Yukon By:. Orgasm is the only spontaneous, natural experience of a deathless, birthless, timeless, sorrowless dimension. All of the prior sensory avenues are dependent upon Ecstaey, and the real genitals reside within the relaxed, receptive consciousness open to messages from the ero- genous zones.

Closely related are clang associations in which words sounding alike are associationally linked, e.

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The result sought is the transcen- dental bliss, or Samadhi, of the Yogi. The woman’s body represents the psychic tube Ida, and is a natural channel for negative apanic Moon chandra energy.

Semen, tnatra Bindu, is held to be the true elixir of life by Yoga and Tantric schools alike. When done correctly contractions should ecztasy, causing the vagina to clasp the fingers gently. For the Hindu, semen equals distilled blood, and to some extent Western biochemistry corroborates this attitude with the discovery that fresh semen contains liberal quan- tities of calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin C, all of which are essential micronutrients in the human body.

tanrta I eternally dwell in the blood shafts of a setting sun whose ember glow pervades every- thing I see and reveals the death intertwined in life and my own being.