Get this from a library! ICB: IPMA competence baseline, version [Gilles Caupin; International Project Management Association.;]. ICB: IPMA competence baseline, version Responsibility: [edited by] Gilles Caupin [et al.]. Edition: Version ; Imprint: Nijkerk: IMPA, International Project . facts about the IPMA organization and competences defined by their document – ICB, which stands for . IPMA Competence Baseline Version ( MB).

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Analyze the current situation, identify what issues are likely to provoke debate and possible consequences. Analyze the problem and identify its root cause. Communicate openly and honestly with people involved to reduce stress level. Executes and manages the work performed systematically.

Agree on deliverable-relayed services. Gets agreement on the solution.

ICB IPMA Competence Baseline Version 3.0

Identify goals and options. Define project scope and control it in all project phases. Focus on areas where you agree and maintain a positive relationship with other parties.

Appreciate and communicate achievements promptly and adequately. Plan the communication process and prepare the material. A contract is a legally bonding agreement between two or several parties to perform work or supply goods and services under specified condition. Express thanks to meeting participants for their interests, show appreciation for their input. Estimate and evaluate costs of each work package including overhead costs. Document the lessons learnt.


Calculate financial resource usage and cash-in and cash-out flows of the project.

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The behavioral competence range, containing 15 elements. Communicate to interested parties which of their requirements will be fulfilled or not fulfilled by the project. Options to resolve problems may reducing the scope of project deliverables, increasing its time-frame, or providing more resources.

Continuously identify new risks, reassess risks, plan responses and modify the project plan. Implement the project management information system. Determine what needs to be communicated and the context. Review performance and seed feedback. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Get the chosen group get together, explain the problem requiring a solution and ask them to use imaginations in offering ideas. A crisis can be described as a time bzseline acute difficulty, more so than would arise just as a result of a conflict.

Evaluate the ideas and select a preferred option. Documentation includes all the data, information, knowledge and wisdom accrued during the project life-cycle.


Hold a project close-out meeting. Discuss, decide, communicate, implement. Published by Akira Weld Modified over 4 years ago.

Control the resources with respect to changes. Monitor effect of changes against project baseline.

ICB IPMA Competence Baseline Version ppt download

Monitor progress, implement learning cycle. Update the cost estimate with respect to changes. Agree appropriate deliverables with the interested parties.

It embraces the totality of all the deliverables which are included in the project. Consider the options to achieve a win-win negotiation. Monitor progress, learn from each program. Get changes accepted or rejected.