View and Download Canon PIXMA iPR setup manual online. Canon PIXMA iPR: Setup Guide. PIXMA iPR Printer pdf manual download. View and Download Canon PIXMA iPR Series quick start manual online. Canon PIXMA iPR: Quick Start. PIXMA iPR Series Printer pdf manual. View and Download Canon PIXMA iPR service manual online. PIXMA iPR Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Pixma ip

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This Setup Guide uses the following symbols to indicate important information. Always observe the instructions indicated by these symbols.

Instructions that, if ignored, could result in death or serious personal injury caused by incorrect operation of the equipment. Set Up the Printer and the Computer. Setup complete Mznual printer is now ready for use. Your computer communicates with the printer via an access point the infrastructure mode.

To share the printer among multiple computers, connect them to the access point. It does not support the ad-hoc mode. These must be purchased separately. The type of device in use in your network may vary.

Refer to the manual of your i5200r or contact its manufacturer for details.

A computer communicates directly with the printer with a USB cable, while other computers are connected over a wireless LAN infrastructure mode. You can exploit this configuration by setting up the printer over either a USB connection first, or over a wireless connection first. You need to perform setup both on the computer to be used with USB connection and on the computers to be used over wired LAN.

We recommend that you do not use the printer over a wired and wireless LAN at the same time since advanced network knowledge is required. If you do not intend to use the printer for a long period of time, unplug the power cord from the power outlet after turning off the printer. Turn on the printer. Do NOT turn on the computer yet. Place the Print Head in the holder. The print head will rest at a slight angle. Be careful not to touch any parts inside the printer. Lock the Print Head into place by carefully lowering the lever.

Do not touch the lever once the Print Head has been installed. Check the labels to make sure that each tank is in the correct position. Ensure that all the ink tanks are installed in the order directed by the label. The printer cannot be used unless all the ink tanks are installed. Put back the Inner Cover and close the Top Cover. For details, refer to the Printer Driver Guide. If using over a USB connection, preparation is now complete.

A firewall is a system that prevents unauthorized access to a local network from the outside. When setting up the printer for a use over a network, disable the firewall of your security software during the setup.


Any firewall feature provided by security software may prevent proper setup or communication over a network. Therefore, if you are using wireless LAN, we recommend that you confirm the necessary information on the access point before entering the setup process. Computer Windows Installing the Software If the following screen appears automatically, click Cancel to quit the screen, turn off the printer, and remove the USB cable, then resume setup. The next step depends on whether using the printer for the first time and how to connect the printer: Set up procedures Choose a connection method based on how you intend to connect to the printer.

For example, if the connection between the computer and access point is wireless and the printer and access point are connected by LAN cable, the printer connection method becomes wired LAN.

First-time Setup for Use over Wireless LAN When you are setting up the printer to be used over wireless LAN infrastructure modefollow these steps to set up the printer and your computer. In the Setup Method screen, select Set up the printer and the computer and click Next. If the printer is recognized, the next screen will appear automatically.


If the connection is not recognized, ip5200e Help and follow instructions on how to solve the problem. When the Setup Preparations dialog box is displayed, confirm that preparation is complete, then click Next. The printer may communicate with other access points used in the vicinity.

Confirm the Encryption column of the selected access point. Measuring of the communication status starts, and the results are displayed. Measuring ,anual a few minutes. You can cancel measuring by clicking Cancel. You also examine the detailed status of the communication link after setup by using the Canon IJ Network Tool. Confirm the measurement results, then click Finish. When the screen shown on the left appears, connect the printer with a USB cable.

Address dialog box appears. Ensure that the printer is on and connected to your computer with a USB cable, then click Connect to retry detection. Perform print head alignment before you start using your printer. This setup procedure does not involve connecting the USB cable. If the manal function is turned on in Windows XP Click Finish in the Setup Completion dialog box. If you changed the port name when setting up the printer from another computer, that name is displayed in Printer Model.

Double-click the Setup icon. When the list of applications to install appears, verify the contents, click Install, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Canon PIXMA iPR Driver and Manual Download

Printers, then click OK. Click Connect to connect to the printer. Already Connected to a Network This section describes how to enable a client to use a printer that is already connected to a wireless or wired LAN setup from another computer is complete. This setup procedure only requires settings to be made on the client computer. Center on Mac OS X v. When the screen shown on the left appears, click Cancel.


If your printer name is not displayed in Printer List, click Add to add the printer. When using Mac OS X v. Top Cover while printing. Ensure that the pattern on the left is printed. The Print Head is aligned automatically. The printer is now ready to use. Contact your local Canon service representative.

Canon PIXMA iP5200R Service Manual

Ensure that the proper lamp of the paper source is lit. If not, press the Paper Feed Switch on the printer. If you cannot select the paper source, refer to the Printer Driver Mahual. Printing will start in a few moments. Replacing an Ink Tank When the printer runs out of ink, replace the empty ink tank with a new one. Specify the following ink tanks when purchasing.

If this occurs, close the Top Cover, and open it again. If it is, turn it off and then turn it on again. When encryption is set to the access point, set up the encryption of the printer to match the settings of the access point.

If you do not know manuxl access point WEP key, refer to documentation provided with the access point or contact its manufacturer. C9 42 28 B8 AE Problem Lp5200r Access Points Configuration dialog box is displayed The detailed settings dialog box is displayed.

Connect Connects to the specified access point. The following dialog box is displayed if no printer was detected on the network.

Select this when you are not currently connected to a network but want to set up the computer with the settings specified to the printer. After setup, confirm that the printer and the computer or the io5200r point, when using wireless LAN can communicate with each other. If not, perform network janual again.

Perform necessary operations according to the instruction manual supplied with your device. The settings explained on the following pages cannot be made on some devices. If any setting cannot be made, the default setting explained above is used. Names of settings that are displayed on Canon PictBridge compliant device are used in the description given below.

This paper is exclusively used to print photo stickers. This size can be selected only for Canon PictBridge compliant devices note that it cannot be il5200r for some models.

Canon Bubble Jet Direct Compatible Digital Camera The following is a list ip5200t media types that can be set on a Canon Bubble Jet Direct compatible digital camera along with their limitations when connected to this printer. Media Types for Digital Camera The information as follows is printed out. Otherwise, follow the procedure below.