For specific information pertaining to the Summit Team Finals please refer to your track operator or to Division 1 Patriots Richmond. IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rule Book Cover. Menu. Page View · Contents View · Advertisers · Website. Issue Articles. Issue List. IHRA Rule Book. IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rule Book Page Menu. Page View · Contents View · Advertisers · Website. incorporate a rocker or sill bar to tie the front and.

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Gasoline, alcohol and propane accepted. All chromoly must employ only TIG process. All fuel tank filler necks located inside trunk must have filler neck vented to outside of body. Minimum size of windscreen: All above must be SFI tagged. Read the full article at https: Entries hira two wheel brakes require parachute.

Nitrous Oxide bottles located in the trunk or rear of the entry must be equipped with a relief valve and vented outside of the drivers compartment or be completely isolated from the drivers compartment by a firewall that is properly sealed to prevent gas from entering the drivers compartment.

IHRA Rule Book 2010 IHRA Rulebook : Page 1

Windows must be closed during competition, need not be operable. Delete all other reference to front seats in the section. A roll cage is mandatory on any entry that exceeds mph. Permanent number may be purchased from your home IHRA sanctioned track. Unaltered OEM model year and newer production cars running slower than HS Read the full article at https: Add the following references for front seats to the section.


IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rulebook

One nozzle located in drivers compartment in front of feet and one nozzle on engine. Mandatory if battery is relocated or is specified by class requirements. Floor on all cars 8.

One working tail light required. Oxygen bearing or power enhancing additives prohibited in any form. If the switch is mounted in any other fashion, it must be labeled in a way that is clearly identifiable as to which way off is positioned. Top of fuel tank not to be higher than top of tires. One functional tail light required. The ruls of racers from each member track will be determined by a season-long points system.

Driveshaft loop mandatory on any vehicle which uses racing slicks. One shock per sprung wheel mandatory. He may also not cross over from the dragster category to the bodied cars, nor vice versa, unless specifically licensed for each.

Mandatory meeting SFI Roll cage is mandatory ruoe entry has an altered floor or firewall, or if vehicle exceeds mph. Must be full bodied car. Plastic or keyed switches are prohibited.

The racers on this team will compete for overall Team Championship Honors as well as Individual Championship Honors and awards. All bottle relief valves must have bulkhead fitting on tank. The use of any other method of externally heating nitrous bottles is prohibited. At the Team Finals, this number is how we keep track of the points each team earns. Minimum of two rear-wheel hydraulic brakes required.


Competition in the facilities normal weekly ET bracket series under these parameters is prohibited. Head guards or helmet bars must be installed on all entries presented for certification under SFI specifications 2.

All systems must be activated by a wide open throttle switch and utilize all manufacturers safety products. Only conventional automotive steering systems are permitted. Should a vehicle prove to be faulty or handle poorly during the event, the Event Director or Technical Committee shall have the right and responsibility of removing the car from competition until the necessary repairs or adjustments to make the vehicle road worthy have been made and approved. One stock location fuel tank maximum.

No other numbers may be displayed on the entry.

IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rule Book Page 89

A roll cage is mandatory on all convertibles running Must remain in stock location. All cars in competition must be equipped with a system that will prevent excess fluids from spilling onto the racing surface.

Must be automotive-type wheels suitable for bopk use. Front wheel fairings prohibited. Drive shaft loop mandatory on any vehicle using racing slicks. Engine may be relocated. Aftermarket axles and axle retention device mandatory on entries running Recommended that all rear-engine dragsters incorporate a rear axle pinion housing anti-rotation device of a rigid design.

Excessive braking may result in disqualification.