DS storage subsystem and EXP storage enclosure parts listing DS storage subsystem and EXP storage enclosure parts. product models DS and DS Components In the IBM DS family, you can add a mix of EXP or EXP expansion units to attain a maximum capacity of TB per subsystem. New drive.

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Feature PN 68Y ibbm required to utilize the self encryption capability. Feature or PN 49Y d3512 49Y are corequisites. This model is configured with one environmental services module ESM. This is a nearline disk drive. DS and EXP 24x 2. RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10 provide you the flexibility to choose the level of protection required Storage partitions that logically divide a single DS into multiple systems to manage volume-to-host access FlashCopy and Volume Copy to create logical or physical copies of data for file restoration and backup The DS brings the following new data protection and data security options into the DS series family: Up to volumes per system.

Base No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to enable the Volume Copy function with support for eight active Volume Copy processes and: DS and EXP 12x 3. Cyber Monday Newegg: Feature PN 68Y is a required prerequisite. Refer to inm Features – Chargeable section for feature numbers and part numbers. Or choose door No.

Supported on Model C2A only. Storage Controller 2nd Type.


This feature is required for both the primary and remote machines. Plant Feature exchanges Not available.

IBM System Storage DS Express DC Storage System / MULTICOM

The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap. With the DS, you choose the initial system configuration that matches your performance requirements and budget: Asynchronous mirroring includes a write consistency option designed to ensure that writes to the remote system complete in the same order as the ibk system.

Use Feature pn 00W when the DS is upgraded to controller firmware v7. Act like your business depends on them by David Gewirtz.

Family 1746+01 IBM System Storage DS3500 Storage Systems and EXP3500

The DS delivers affordable, entry-level configurations for small and medium businesses in compact 2U, inch rack mount enclosures, with the flexibility to scale in capacity, performance, host interfaces, and advanced functions as your business grows or requirements change. High-efficiency power supplies designed to meet power efficiency standards for reduce power consumption Small form factor 2. Feature PN 68Y is a required corequisite. Newegg keeps the Black Friday spirit alive with more deals for Cyber Monday.

Feature PN 68Y is a corequisite. This model is configured with two environmental services modules ESM.

Using copy-on-write technology, FlashCopy volumes preserve data in its original form even as data in the physical source volume is changed. Get a 4-terabyte USB 3. You choose the configuration to match your current performance requirements and budget, and IBM offers a way to protect your investment with an upgrade path to later add the options you need.

Requires controller firmware level FlashCopy volumes appear and function as standard storage volumes, and restoration of a FlashCopy volume is quick and easy.


Disk drives of the same form factor can be intermixed within the appropriate DS or EXP enclosure. Total quantity of 52xx features cannot exceed Total quantity of 52xx and 55xx features cannot exceed Storage by Rick Broida Sep 26, High availability with new data protection and security options The DS carries on the DS series legacy of high system and data availability with: Full Disk Encryption FDE provides local key management and disk drive-level encryption for comprehensive data security and protection.

Power Device Power Provided. Otherwise, Feature PN 00W is a corequisite.

IBM DS3512

No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to increase the quantity of partitions allowed within the DS from four towith: Miscellaneous Manufacturer Selling Program. Up to FlashCopy relationships per system. When installed on a DS dual controller system, both cards must be configured to run at the same link speed. Supported on Model E4A only. Additional transceivers can be ordered using feature PN 00W Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature.

For the DS DC, this feature requires controller firmware level New drive capacities are qualified during the life cycle of these products and may require a minimum controller revision. Maximum allowed applies to total quantity of 62xx and 63xx features. The DS is available in the following dx3512 The DS flexibility and options also extends to the disk drives.