Library device identification: IBM TL IBM Ultrium 7 (LTO-7) drive support requires IBM Spectrum Protect version or subsequent maintenance release. Machine SEO/Part Description type Model number TS Tape Library Driveless 2UL UL TS Tape Library Driveless The IBM System Storage TS Tape Library Express Models L3S and F3S are designed to offer high capacity, performance and.

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IBM maintains the latest levels of System Storage tape drive and library device drivers and documentation on the Internet.

This is designed to optimize readback signals for linear readback ibk from MR read head transducers Separate writing of multiple filemarks: The device driver is designed to dynamically track the usage on each HBA as applications open and close devices, and balance the number of applications using each HBA in the machine.

See Supplies, For end users, 33573-tl additional information. This helps allow for quick population of the tape library, as well as ease of storage for media.

Family 3573+02 IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library Express

The TS is designed for the heavy demands of backup or archive tape storage. An update of the open systems device drivers can be obtained via anonymous FTP from ftp.

The high-bandwidth servo system features a low-mass servo to help more effectively track servo bands and improve data throughput with damaged media in less-than-optimal shock and vibration environments. The Ultrium 7 tape drive offers the following significant improvements over the Ultrium 6 tape drive: This method is designed to use the surface of the tape, rather than the edges, to control tape motion to reduce tape damage especially to the edges of the tape and tape debris, which comes from the damaged edges and accumulation in the head area.


Ultrium 3 cartridge compatibility: It helps improve performance if a subsequent append overwrites somewhere after the first filemark. The TS Tape Library is external, stand-alone or rack-mountable units that contain LTO Ultrium tape drives designed for the heavy demands of backup tape storage. Cables, ordered separately, are required to attach the tape drive in the TS to host Fibre Channel adapters, Fibre Channel switches, or other Fibre Channel components.

The Ultrium 7 Tape Drive comes with 8 Gbps Fibre Channel attachments for connection to a wide spectrum of open system servers. Remote management capabilities to allow for remote administration of the TS and TS through a web interface.

The actuator for the LTO 5 Full-High drive is designed to provide precision head alignment to help skew to enable the head to follow skew tape motion and improve linear actuation. Through a consistent framework, you can efficiently find information and personalize your access.

The case is specially designed for use in automated libraries and is designed for repeated, unattended handling. Customer replacement parts None.

Family +03 IBM System Storage TS Tape Library Express Model L4U

Feature is not available in India. This matching helps reduce the number of backhitch repositions and improve throughput performance.


This is designed to cause any write command of two or more filemarks to cause a separate data set to be written containing all filemarks after the first. The TS Tape Library is an excellent solution if you use tape or require a larger-capacity or higher-performance tape backup with or without random access. Power Cords One of the following power cords must be selected: IBM Ultrium 5 1.

Rack mount mm It includes a 50 micron fibre cable 2 meters in length with a SC duplex female adapter on one end that can connect to a 50 micron Fibre Channel cable with a SC duplex male connector and a LC duplex male connector on the other end for connection to a LC duplex adapter. This feature has two advantages: LTO Generation 6 media specification tape cartridge physical capacity is up to 6.

Readback signals 3573-ttl optimized for linear readback response from magneto resistive read head transducers. To order, contact your IBM representative.

One feature is required with feature Features available for Fibre Channel cables, and their respective lengths, are as follows: Separate writing of multiple filemarks – Ibj writing of multiple filemarks is designed to cause any write command of two or more filemarks to cause a separate data set to be written containing all filemarks after the first.