Frogs into Princes is edited entirely from audiotapes of introductory NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training workshops conducted by Richard Bandler and. good reason to have the same regard for Frogs into Princes. Once again, it’s REFRAMING: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Transformation of Mean-. Frogs into princes: neuro linguistic programming / by Richard Bandler and John “Edited entirely from audiotapes of introductory NLP training workshops.

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Dec 29, Rob rated it it was ok. Frogs Into Princes is a transcript from a live seminar conducted by the Bandler and Grinder. Aug 06, Ivan Voras rated it it was amazing. Primarily with eye movements, it seems. If you do, you break up the natural flow of communication. It’s a great intro about NLP neuro linguistic programme by the father of NLP Richard bandler, as we all know that it’s agreat science and highly recommended to those who seek some series changes in their life!

When you learn a language, you inherit the wisdom and otherwise of the people who have gone before you. All good spellers have the same formal strategy.

We are all capable of noticing other aspects, for example tiny changes in skin color.


Most right-handed people look up and to the left for remembered images, and up and to their right for constructed images. Feb 16, nicoLe is currently reading it. That’s a comment about not being creative enough in the application of intland not having enough sensory experience to accept all the cues that are there [emphasis mine]. Feb 18, Zane rated it liked it.

I know this is the bible for NLP, but Eh! In fact, I did my own sample-size-of-one experiment with an unsuspecting linguiatic The NLP therapist attempts to “speak privately with your unconscious mind” in, as always, a content-free manner.

Frogs Into Princes

Bandler killed the mystique. One is to be too rigid. Our words connect to our experiences. The hope is that once you’ve determined which “representational system” a person uses, you can then employ this system to better communicate with them. Unfortunately, the authors don’t bother pginces empirical evidence. Words have no built in meaning. It pretty much starts and ends with neurl Neuro and Linguistic. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

This approach doesn’t really resonate with me personally, but I can imagine it might work for some. Oct 28, Mike marked it as to-read.

Frogs Into Princes by Richard Bandler

Using the principles of NLP it is possible to describe any human activity in a detailed way that allows you to make many deep and lasting changes quickly and easily. I picked this up ages ago while at the peak of my diminished but not dead lust for psycholinguistics. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sometimes a part organizes a behavior to do something and forgets why. It’s probably better to just read Structure of Magic if you want to find out what Bandler and Grinder’s actual theories are.


Frogs into Princes – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Feb 17, Joe rated it it was amazing. As a work of informative piece of nonfiction, however, the book fails.

However, that’s not a comment on the method. Not being able to see the demonstrations was a hindrance, but I still learned enough for the book to be worthwhile and to help me see where Neueo need to go next. The element in the system with the widest range of variability will be the controlling element.