Frabato the Magician is the true story of Franz Bardon, adept, teacher, healer, and A story of evil vs. good, Frabato the Magician gives testimony that the love of. Written in the form of a novel, Frabato is the spiritual autobiography of Franz Bardon. Set in Dresden in the early ‘s it chronicles Frabato’s magical battles . Read “Frabato the Magician” by Franz Bardon with Rakuten Kobo. Though cast in the form of a novel, Frabato the Magician is in fact the spiritual autobiography.

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Franz Bardon Books

Becoming the Lotus Matin Faulks E-bok. Frabato the Magician e-bok av Franz Bardon.

He died on July 10,in Brno, Czech Republic. He attended public school in Opava, and after that apprenticed as a mechanic. In order to direct the attention of the people to the magic sciences, he performed in front of his audience the possibilities of genuine magic.

To the end of the ‘s he appeared as a performer of magic in Germany and from to in his homeland, the Czech Republic. His main profession, however, was that of Naturopath, which he began to practice in He attended the Naturopathic College in Magiican, where he granz in Inwhen there was a lack of medical doctors he was given the position of the administrator of a hospital in Opava.


Since he achieved extraordinary successes with his remedies for example, he was able to completely cure second stage cancerfrbaato a campaign was started by the medical establishment to discredit Franz Bardon’s healing successes with false accusations, which led to his final arrest in April of During detention Franz Bardon died in the prison hospital of an old illness, before sentence was passed, for which the authorities refused to give him medication.

The dranz history of this work required serious consideration on my part before I published it under the name of Franz Bardon, and the importance of the subject matter finally decided the issue. To pay tribute to the truth, I fraanz not conceal the fact from the reader that, in actuality, Franz Bardon supplied only the framework for this book. Being pressed for time, he left its entire completion and embellishment to his secretary, Otti Votavova.

Unfortunately, Bardon’s posthumous manuscript was not ready for print, and therefore I had to ffabato it. Now the full name of the lodge that is mentioned in Frabato the Magician shall be revealed.

Frabato the Magician : Franz Bardon :

The abbreviation FOGC means: Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurie. The Latin expression centurie represents the number I would like to pass on some of the information which, according to Otti Votavova, she received directly from Franz Bardon.

According to her, Adolf Hitler was a member of a 99 Lodge. In addition, Hitler and some of his confidants were members of the Thule Order, which was simply the external instrument of a group of powerful Tibetan black magicians, yhe used the members of the Thule Order for their own purposes.


Franz Bardon – Wikipedia

Whoever knows the facts will understand the sentence that was contained in Hitler’s speech on January 30, Hitler also employed, as camouflage, several doppelgangers that were deployed on various occasions. Franz Bardon was offered a high position in the Third Reich by Adolf Hitler, but only in exchange for his help in winning the war with his magical abilities. Moreover, Franz Bardon was also expected to reveal to Hitler the locations magickan the other ninety eight lodges throughout the world.

When Bardon refused, he was frabaot to the cruelest tortures. But then he was released, because it was assumed that he would soon die due the severe injuries he had sustained.

Frabato the Magician

After the war Franz Bardon discovered through his magical abilities that Hitler had fled to South America, and in order that he would not be recognized he had several facial plastic surgeries. Practice of Magical Evocation Franz Bardon. Bloggat om Frabato the Magician.