Esacure ONE by IGM Resins is a difunctional oligomeric alpha hydroxy ketone. It is a type I photoinitiator. Provides through and surface cure. Formula (1) was prepared using both Esacure M (A) and Esacure ONE (B). The results of the tests performed are reported in figures 1 & 2. Curing was. ONE offers very low odor levels and low migration but suffers from low solubility. A liquid version, Esacure ONE 75, is a 75% solution of ONE in 25% ethozylated.

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Examples kne polyunsaturated compounds of relatively high molecular mass oligomers are acrylated epoxy resins, acrylated polyesters, polyesters containing vinyl ether or epoxy groups, and also acrylated polyurethanes and polyethers. The term also refers to block-copolymers or random copolymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide.

The dispersion is grinded. This solution is not suitable for aqueous systems. My cookie settings Optimal Most popular For analysis, social media, website improvements and personalized ads. The homogeneous liquid blend as defined above is used to produce solvent-free, solvent- or water-based surface coatings, printing inks, screen-printing inks, offset-printing inks, flexographic-printing inks, resist materials or image-recording material, especially in the production of esacyre aqueous systems.

CZ Free format text: The suspension obtained is then treated in a colloid esacyre to obtain particles in the range of 0. Optionally the blend may contain water.

ESACURE ONE by LEHVOSS Group – Paint & Coatings

The linking group can be an oxygen atom hydroxyl group residue from alcohol or phenol ; a carboxyl group fatty acid or ester residue ; an amino group amine group residue ; or a carboxyamido carboxylic amide residue.

Curing agent for three-dimensional molded ohe, apparatus for manufacturing three-dimensional molded object, and program for manufacturing esacuer molded object. Other examples are acrylonitrile, acrylamide, methacrylamide, N-substituted meth acrylamides, vinyl esters such as vinyl acetate, vinyl ethers such as isobutyl vinyl ether, styrene, alkyl- and halostyrenes, N-vinylpyrrolidone, vinyl chloride or vinylidene chloride.


Further polyols which are suitable are oligoesters having hydroxyl end groups. Examples of organic diluents based on ester fluids include: Also high energy input is required to prepare the product form exacure process. Active-energy-ray-curable composition, active-energy-ray-curable ink, composition stored container, two-dimensional or three-dimensional image forming apparatus, two-dimensional or three-dimensional image forming method, cured material, and structure.

Benzene, (1-methylethenyl)-, homopolymer, ar-(2-hydroxy-2-methyl-1-oxopropyl) derivs.

Therefore liquid photoinitiators are preferred for producing of UV-curable paints. IE Ref legal event code: LU Free format text: The acrylate peak at approx. Optionally the blend may contain water. Preferably, the pure surfactant kne a liquid at room temperature.

Examples of organic diluents esacur on ester fluids include: These mixtures are liquid within a certain mixing range, and can therefore be quickly incorporated in a simple manner into liquid or pasty compositions.

You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog above. Other options include dissolving the photoinitiators in the reactive diluent, dissolving esacuree solid photoinitiator in a liquid one, and dissolving the photo-initiators in nontoxic, nonvolatile solvents that do not adversely affect coating properties. Grain enhancement with surfactants in water-based uv-radiation curable polyurethane dispersions.

DE Ref legal event code: Also preferred are non-ionic surfactants derived from ethoxylates of vegetable oils or animal fats, such as corn oil ethoxylate, castor oil ethoxylate, tallow oil ethoxylate. Examples of block copolymers of ethylenoxide and propylene oxide are the products sold under the Pluronics trademark like: The extend of curing was followed by measurement of acrylate double bond conversion DBC against the resin itself as reference using AT-IR spectroscopy of the coating surface.


The European Patent EP Lamberti discloses an aqueous dispersion comprising a photoinitiator and a surfactant. LT Ref legal event code: Also suitable are high boiling liquid alcohols like C10 to Calcohols or polyols.

Said blend should be suitable for aqueous based and solvent based radiation curable systems. The surface active agent is thus selected from alcohol alkoxylates glycol ethersfatty acid alkoxylates, fatty amine alkoxylates, or fatty amide alkoxylates, alkoxylates of phenols or alkylsubstituted phenols, block copolymers or random copolymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, alkoxylates of alkine-alcohols or alkine-diols, alkoxylates of castor oil, alkoxylates of sorbitan fatty acid esters and mixtures thereof.

Photocurable ink set, and printing method, printing apparatus and printed matter each using the same.

These application results show that the liquid product form provides clear processing advantages handling and incorporationwithout compromising curing efficiency. MC Free format text: The term “homogenous liquid blend” generally describes a substance in a liquid phase, without the presence of a secondary droplet or particle phase that could separate.

The term also refers to compounds in which one or more aromatic groups, which can be alkylated, are connected through the residue of a linking group to an oligomeric or polymeric chain of alkylene oxide residues.

Curing Results WB-Formulation 1: IE Free format text: They may be of low monomeric or high oligomeric molecular eascure. The formulations were stirred for a total of 15 min.