Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Drawn largely from the autobiography of Babur, the Book 1 of 6 in Empire of the Moghul Series (6 Book Series). The first book in the Empire of the Moghul series: chronicling the rise and fall of the Moghul rulers of India, beginning with Babur who swept in from Central Asia. Raiders from the North is the first in a quintet of novels chronicling the rise and fall of the Moghul Empire. The story begins in when the ruler of Ferghana.

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This support is successful history for a young struggling nation like Pakistan on the macro level. Also they were honest, just and much loved kings unlike the Britishers.

Raiders from the North

Give the book the liberty of a being a novel and it is a very good read It tells the story of Babur, how at the age of 12 he becomes the king of his father’s little kingdom, how he wins and then looses Samarkand – thrice; becomes the ruler of Kabul, grows restless – finally crosses the Indus – into India. The series consists of six volumes covering the rise and height of the Moghul Empire in medieval India.

The story ultimately takes us to Hindustan, with Barbur sporting Turkish gunpowder-know-how at the Battle of Panipet, in the same introspective voice and tone that I enjoyed at the beginning. Views Read Edit View history.

Empire of the Moghul – Wikipedia

Looks like this is an interesting read. Time travel is just a Hypothesis, but If Rutherford did it, as if indifferently, with his pen and paper.


Would love to connect with you on email. The author deserved four stars for leading the reader through Babur’s becoming a respected emperor. Babur himself is only characterized as much as he has to be, given that he has a predefined role to fill and actions to take. Don’t have a Kindle? Yet he refused to accept defeat, conquering I have read earlier accounts of the life of Babur, king of Ferghana and first Mughal emperor of Hindustan Indiabut other than Babur’s own, remarkably fresh and candid but incomplete account, this is by far moghyl best.

The best hakims in the court are not able to find whats wrong with the young prince. Another particular note is the ease at which the book uses a straight forward approach to tackling Indian History. What an absolutely A. Karr Reviewed by Mihir Wanchoo Babur had to make taiders supreme sacrifice of his sister Khanzda Begum in order to defend the lives of his family and his men, while leaving Samarkand.

Raiders from the North by Alex Rutherford

Here’s how terms and conditions apply. We find Babur turn towards the astrologers of his court.

A combination of battlefield defeats from Bengali ruler Sher Shah and treachery from his half-brothers Kamran and Askari leave Humayun with only the Afghan portions of the empire. Its mor The book had all the elements to become a blockbustera prince who is crowned king at the age of 12 loses his kingdom when he is attacking another kingdom and becomes a king without a kingdom and luckily fortune smiles at him and he is given another big kingdom but still realizes he is not content and decides to invade India and succeeds and creates one of the longest surviving dynasty in India,The Mughul Dynasty But the writing is so dull and there are no characters to like and follow.


Archived from the original on Babur constructs a powerful empire, but is faced with another problem when Humayun is seriously ill. Books by Alex Rutherford. But the events that follow his coronation prove to be a roller coaster ride and he is forced to reconsider his future. Also this is not what some one would describe a page turner. Trust me, there is not a single dull page in the novel. Some parts actually dealt with the way of life of Babur, the people around him and of those he encountered in several countries which will be a treat for those who are interested in cross cultures.

Sold by uRead-Store and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Though it has got me intrigued about the era and culture so I will probably head for a non-fiction or two instead of the HF. This is the first of a multi part series. Alex Rutherford has taken a welcome step in this direction and their plans are to tell the stories of the first six Mughal emperors in about 5 books is something which makes their books must reads for me.

In comparison, my history books from school were so very sparse and dry! Following the rise and fall and rise, then fall, then rise of the first of the Moghul or “Mughal”, depending on where you read it emperor of Hindustan, Raiders of the North is an exciting and rather pedestrian historical fiction novel.