The mobility of the Corsair Fleets allow the Eldar Corsairs a degree of and supplemental rules in the main codex, meaning you only need one book for each . Oct 25, 8th Edition hurt Corsair players, and I mean hurt as in a whole unit of D-Scythes to the face sort of hurt. Gone are the Coterie rules and their own. Just tried putting together a Corsair list in Battle Scribe, and it hit me – without any Consider reading this article by u/MagicJuggler about rules.

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Named Characters must take the Craftworld Trait associated with their Craftworld. As far as the number of Warlocks you’re taking, if you’re confident that you can keep your Warlocks safe remember, they’re not characters in a conclavefeel free to take just 4 and fill the rest of the Serpent with more Banshees.

This individual is leader of the fleet and the personality that governs the corsairs. Many units have access to the five ekdar Eldar Heavy Weapons.

An ill-positioned Eldar squad has a greater chance of doing nothing than those of other armies. They can also be used in a Webway Strike, popping up 9″ from an enemy unit and filling it with anywhere from 20 single elf squad to 80 two elf squads shuriken shots that re-roll 1s to hit.

This can be made extraordinarily terrifying if the Spiritseer is using a Psytronome of Iyanden, giving each Wraithblade within his 6″ bubble a staggering 6 attacks on the charge for a 5-statue squad, that’s 30 S6 AP-2 attacks!

The leader of the corsairs is regarded as a prince whereas secondary ranks are noted as lieutenants. It is said that the zoats have developed a way of producing these creatures independent of the tyranid gestation chambers, that there are flesh gardens where a shaman cultivates and nurtures the living weapons.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. This is an enlargement of the tyranid fleshborer used by the termagants. Most often the spirit stones of slain corsairs are returned to their homeland, but some remain with the corsair fleet for eldarr time at least.

Need a little more durable artillery to back up your paper-thin Kabalites? Replace the option to take a warlock with a sergeant that elcar take equipment from the corsair codex:. Eules of their weapons are guaranteed to cause a unit of your choice to die horribly, and they can benefit from Soulbursts quite immensely.


Biel-Tan offers nothing that an eldar LoW can use, and if you’re fielding an army that is large enough to support a LoW, there’s a better Craftworld attribute for corsaair. You have a good number of units that benefit more from Word of the Phoenix and Strength from Death than they ever would Battle Focus. Make sure you take a screening unit like Kabalites or Corsairs to maximise Soulburst potential, and eules protect from Deep Strike.

Wraithguard and Wraithblades are excellent and fluffy choices that don’t really sacrifice anything to be taken as part of a Ynnari detachment. The only real famous Corsairs are Prince Yriel and Yvraineboth of whom abandoned their roles as Corsair Princes to move onto greater things, and Duke Sliscuswho is just a Dark Eldar who lives on a ship instead of in the Webway. One out of every three bikers may replace their close combat weapon with rrules power weapon for 7 points or an eldar powerfist for 15 points.

This sub is intended for the discussion of tactics, army lists, elcar results, and updated relevant FAQ and CA content as it pertains to the current meta for the Games Workshop family of games. At the start of the Charge phase, pick a Biel-Tan Aspect Warrior unit that contains an Exarch you should always have one, they are free.

The carnosaur chewed the ork commander, limbs and torn flesh falling to the ground while the remain boyz marred its hide with their choppas. It was as the orks made their way down the path to the local settlement that the prince directed his forces into action. The spirits of their fallen comrades help guide their elvar brethren through their vessels.

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Vault Breachers are amazing at cracking fortifications, but catching a vehicle that didn’t move is a drag and if something is already immobilized then sending a whole squad of guys to probably peel off a hull point doesn’t seem like a good use of man power.

Having developed their skill by besting the megasaurs of their worlds, they are an impressive force on the battlefield. The remaining kroot had searched the ork ship, but did not come across anything valuable, well not to the eldar anyway. Choose one of these for Your Dudes. Spice with the Psytronome of Iyanden if you want to guarantee the death of whatever you’re trying to punch.


These units kept a constant torrent while retreating from the orks leading eldra even deeper into odd woods of this planet. Take extra relics, Eldar style.

Log in or sign up in seconds. So, you’ll need to have some rando HQ to rulws the corisar battalion? Using the zoat to relay the communication between himself and the local Mon-Keigh the prince greeted the shabby old man who was their representative. This creature is a snarling and hissing predator the size of a battle tank.

Eldar Corsair Codex – Articles – DakkaDakka

Autarchs again have incredible flexibility that let them fill whatever niche you may need in your detachment. Place a spare 5-inch blast marker in base contact with the model; this marker will remain in play for the duration of the game. Some units, like Jetbikes, overcome this disadvantage with superior speed and mobility. Instead of rolling a die, you automatically advance 6″ with the unit. Many rangers use the corsair fleets as a waystation on their lonely journeys.

Where did you find this information? It not only costs a CP, but the opportunity cost of an entire detachment is crippling.

The term lieutenants describe the diverse category of authority figures found throughout the fleet. Wraithlords love the added durability, of course, and synergize quite well with a Wraithseer casting Enliven to give it a better chance to get into glorious melee combat. But beware of Adeptus Custodes Venerable Land Raiders- they get a Stratagem that lets them ignore all of those penalties entirely.

Physically these creatures are powerhouses able to withstand a tremendous degree of damage before succumbing to injury and powerful enough to crush most enemies that stand before them. Models caught in the spray only have a brief instant to tear themselves free before the mucus hardens into a substance stronger than concert. This opens up a few additional stratagems and perks exclusive to units with these keywords that they can take advantage of alongside all the other Craftworld standard fare.

A corsair ground force is composed of the war ready elements from the eldar fleet. The exodite knights have been riding their mounts and fending off monsters with their lances for most of their careers.