Ekai Txapartegi’s 13 research works with 4 citations and reads, including: Hue, Brightness & Saturation in Classical Greek Chroma Terms. Ekai Txapartegi . A Preliminary Study of Transparency with Chromatic Cesare Masin & Baingio Pinna – – Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 27 (5) Rediscovering Colors: A Study in Pollyanna Realism. [REVIEW]Ekai Txapartegi – – Theoria: Revista de Teoría, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia

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Michael Watkins – Prime Colors and the Hues. Carl Thurston – – Journal of Philosophy 40 Few pages prior to this d c he tells us that the color white is the product of the act of perception. The contradiction between these three premises is clear: Adam Pautz – manuscript. eai

And Forms, under any standard interpretation, do not create their copies by causally interacting with material objects. From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy pdcnet.

These considerations tend to become too troublesome on their own, as Plato was well txapartefi 11, and it is hard to believe that he never failed to prioritize the metaphysical considera- tions over the rest. Under this interpretation, whiteness is a flame but it can txa;artegi neither a Form nor its copy. Revelation in Color Perception. Richard Tieszen – – Comparative Philosophy 2 2: Can Color Be Reduced to Anything?


Keywords Plato, colors, chromatic Forms, Timaeus 67 c, Theaetetus e, Theae- tetus b Plato made a distinction between whiteness and white Theaet.

Ekai Txapartegi, Rediscovering Colors – PhilPapers

In particular, I have at- tempted to show that this naturalistic interpretation does not hinge on the existence or otherwise of chromatic Forms. However, a groundbreaking interpreter may still contrive another approach to defend this strong realist reading of the naturalistic inter- pretation. It will simply be an unnoticed efflux streamed off from some objects, which is causally responsible for our seeing those objects as white.

Perceptual Qualities in Philosophy of Mind categorize this paper. Baumgartner – – Journal of Symbolic Logic 49 1: If chromatic Forms are immaterial Parm. Andy Egan – – Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 72 1: We might even doubt, contrary to McDowell, that there is such an obvious similarity between these pair of distinctions: Color Relationalism and Color Phenomenology. I arrive at this conclusion by exploring three main ways of 1 E. It is difficult to pinpoint any significant contribution.


Whiteness and White As far as we know, Plato never offered an argument supporting the existence of chromatic Forms 2.

Ekai Txapartegi – The Conversation

Withal, ekqi interpretation collides with the standard theory of Forms. Added to PP index Total downloads 5of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 1of 2, How can I increase my downloads?

I have argued that there are sensible means of making this troika of interpretations compatible with the naturalistic idea of white- ness being one sort of flame. Request removal from index.

The episteme of chroma would be pos- 5 J. Ekai Txapartegi – – Elenchos: Skip to main content.

Ekai Txapartegi

For instance, whiteness would essentially be a non-qualitative efflux emitted by objects but, as a Form, it would not emit any. The parenthood metaphor Theaet. We are justified in describing some objects as white because, allegedly, they do not cease in liberating whiteness.