DXN Marketing Plan: This Travel Seminar Incentive(TSI) shall be used by the qualifier for the travel seminar organised by the Company only. It is not exchangeable for cash and also. Today DXN has one of the best system and one of the most generous Marketing Plan that offers you great benefits and that will help you to achieve your dreams.

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ReishiGano Coffee Online Networking. Did you earn from your expenses? Expenses means money we spent out of our needs and in exchange from items or services. Particularly our monthly basic needs in: Did you ever think of earning from them or even think that get a health benefits from them at the same time? This is the way we buy our basic needs, we acquire them through retail outlets or groceries.

Look at the channels they passes, from the Factory to the Wholesaler, then it passes through the Middleman and Area Agent and finally they deliver the products to the retail outlets and groceries. Businessman, Multimedia and Celebrities. Do we have any choice not to buy the above basic needs?

I believe the amount specified above is even way below your monthly budget, specially when it comes to your medicines and vitamins monthly expenses. Did you know that there is a Trend or Concept now that these monthly expenses can be converted into cash or income and later on will be free and no selling involve at all? As you can see, you already started your business here, if you can earn from your groceries then all you need to do is to share them to your friends and relatives and let them earn from theirs too by just also Changing their Brands into Dxn products and duplicate what you did by sharing to their friends and relatives too, and so on.

From commercial brand, here now is your Dxn monthly basic needs expenses. Notice that our budget here now is Php 4, Thank you very much for your time.

Please be safe and be healthy always… inquiries are most welcome. It is a direct distribution of information, product or services by individual distributors. An effective way of leveraging your time. Who has the best price is the closest to the customers. If you have uniqueness, people must come to you. If you have non consumable products, you are unemployed until the next sale. You always want repeat sales of consumable products because it will pay you again and again.

The makers are those in front of the large trends, the losers disregard trends. More and more people are on the look to improve their health using natural alternatives. Byits vision is to have office presence in countries worldwide. Ideally Suited Products for all.

Therapeutic Goods Administration T. O International Standard Organization, Singapore. It is in existence more than 3 Billion years. This great product out ranks any other well-known natural diet products in the world.


DXN Team Marketing is a method of sharing information between people that result in exn product from the manufacturer to the consumer.

==> Marketing compensation plan in DXN

In DXN Team marketing, when people tried the products and recommended them to others, this results to earning you bonuses and commissions.

Anyway, we are always sharing good products to our relatives, friends, colleagues, compenation, etc. DXN rewards you and your team doing the same effort. Retail Profit and Personal Bonus: How do we retail the products? Simply by using them and sharing our experiences with others.

The compdnsation you build the more residual income you will earn. You multiply yourself to others so you can enjoy more time to do the things you love ex.

All of us actually sell indirectly everyday. Unfortunately, we are not getting paid for it every time we share information with someone. We are telling our experience to the person looking for the right diet and nutrition, or maybe to the lady needing an effective product to treat her pimples on her face. Selling is really sharing the knowledge about a product, a service or an opportunity.

The more you learn, the more compfnsation can share. The more you share, the more you can sell. The more you sell, the more you can earn. If you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach you. If you are willing to make a change for a better lifestyle, try the DXN way! One of the benefits of DXN members is that the world is literally your territory.

You can sell and sponsor in more than 80 countries where DXN is operating or you can open up a new country market. One of the rxn popular benefits of DXN International is you have multiple ways to accumulate your bonuses and incentives that can enhance your lifetime income. You can choose a part time or full time career path. Your reward will definitely be based on your performance.

DXN Compensation Plan

Can I do the business, though Copensation am not academically qualified? Attitude to succeed is far more important. In DXN Team Marketing, everyone has an equal opportunity — what you have to do is just follow the system. You may also notice that most of the achievers in this business worldwide barely reached their secondary level of education. Education is not a guarantee for a financial success you dream of. How do I get started?

There is a process in order to get you started with DXN opportunity plan. It is as follows: You will get for FREE 9 products that you can immediately use, colored product catalogue and manual, plus your lifetime and worldwide membership ID card. Start sharing your product experiences with your friends. It is recommended to use the products in the Membership kit and become product of DXN products or upon learning the benefits of DXN products, you can immediately share them to others and earn a Retail Profit that goes directly to your pocket.

Benefits of a Qualified Star Diamond. Leadership Bonus Diamond Group Bonus. The more you help your team become Star Diamonds, the more Leadership Bonus you compensatiln. From using the wellness and healthy products alone, you will earn. When you endorse and share the products to people, you will earn. When you invite people and teach them how to become a wise consumer, you will get your lifetime residual income.


The business can be done part time or full time — it does not need to leave your job to do the business. DXN is already playing remarkably in the market of over countries.

This is open to any nationality — both male and female, ages 18year old and above, compensaion of their affiliations, professions and careers. DXN is a modern grocery store. It offers business opportunity to anyone.

DXN has touched the lives of so many people since its inception inby serving as the pioneer and market leader in Ganoderma business throughout the world. DXN has no advertisement.

Its members and distributors are paid to promote, distribute, and to sell its products and services to people. DXN products are manufactured with special ingredients with active elements that help invigorating our body system.

From purchasing DXN products you will earn points coompensation for every points value PV earned per month is subject for cash rebates. How to become a DXN member? You must be 18year old and above either male or female of any nationality.

DXN is a simple business all you have to do is play with numbers, take action and do it consistently. All you have to do is to consume or retail 6 sachet of lingzhi coffee 21grms. This will help cmopensation maintain PV to get a commission. Latest posts No items to display. Latest images No items to display. Photo album Photo Album.

Retail profit is the difference between distributor price and retail price. Earnings will be generated from the products movement ddn purchased products compdnsation not from the registration fee of the members.

This is DXN is all about.

If not interested yet, would you mind referring this to your friends or by chance to your relatives who are in need of HWH — Health, Wealth and Happiness. You are entitled to the following when you are already a Dxn Distributor: To top it all, acquire the following: For more than a decade, DXN has touched the lives of many people.

One of its defining roles in the community has evolved tremendously, making it easy for everyone to think and act in a manner that promotes well being and regard for one another. DXN has successfully imbibed this vision since its inception inby serving as the pioneer and market leader in Ganoderma business throughout the world. Today, DXN is one of the world fastest growing network marketing organisations with operation over countries. What is Network Marketing?