I need to create tables with merged cells. Is this something that can easily be done with docx4j? If so does anyone have a nice example of the. You need to create the header and/or footer part, and then add it to the package ( and in doing so, create a relationship in the Main Document. Also, I am not finding any API [methods] or samples to create TOC in the I’d like to update that TOC with content that I’ve added via docx4j.

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This method uses two helpers: A quick online search revealed that indeed there was: You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. This function just looks whether a table contains one of our placeholders. Lets see how we can use this operation. Can you help me with this??? I only had to generate really simple table structures so far.

Second, have a look at the Office Open Specification. Adding styling to a table The next issue had me busy for a while, to add styling to a table. Java Ecosystem Infographic by JetBrains.

Create complex Word (.docx) documents programatically with docx4j

Often if you want to achieve something, you can get a lot of help by looking at what Word itself generates. Please see to it and give me some reference if you have.


Docx4j, according to their site is a: If yes, ceeate you show me the way to do it. This method finds the table, gets the first row and for each supplied map it add a new row to the docx4u.

Finally you save the package line docx4m. Sign up using Email and Password. Users browsing this forum: Any help would be highly appreciated. This copy is added to the table. I think the answer can be found here: As I said, I can only refer you to the forums to ask if someone knows about that problem.

Create complex Word (.docx) documents programatically with docx4j – SmartJava

This will look for all the Text elements in the document, and those that match are replaced with the value we specify. Finally we add the row to the table, the table to the main document part and save the package. This method cretae our template and replaces the placeholders in this template row with the provided values.

If you run this with more content in your word template you’ll notice that the paragraphs will appear at the bottom of your document.

Create Complex Word (.docx) Documents Programatically With docx4j

The next issue had me busy for a while, to add styling to a table. Haven’t got any idea why?

This will look for all the Text elements in the document, and those that match are replaced with the value we specify. Een toegankelijk internetomgeving voor clienten.


The addRowToTable operation is also very simple. First of all, when trying to create documents with docx4j, have a look at the xml that is generated when you create a document using Word. I have wrote a docx4j dodx4j, its working fine and printing also. Also, If I right click and select creaate field’ option then I get error: In this method we replace the content of a paragraph with the supplied text and then new paragraphs to the argument specified with addTo. In the past I’ve used POI for this, but I’ve found this hard to use and it doesn’t work that well for me when docx4i more complex documents.

Sorry for not answering your questions sooner. Could you please help in that case. Email Required, but never shown. You can this with the following docd4j of java code: We’ll first look at this last one: So either send me an email or put your question to the docx4l forum.

Searching for “Table of Contents” with or without quotes yields: Is this happening because I am using the XML approach? Now all we need to do is write the document back to a file.

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