Perbedaan utama antara distribusi binomial dan distribusi hipergeometrik adalah pada cara pengembalian sampelnya. Distribusi Binom. Distribusi Peubah Acak Khusus Pertemuan 08 Matakuliah: L / Statistika Outline Materi 4 Distribusi Binomial Distribusi Hipergeometrik Distribusi Poisson. Distribusi Peluang Diskrit: Seragam*), Binomial*), Hipergeometrik*), Poisson*) b. Distribusi Peluang Kontinyu: Normal*) t, F, χ²(chi kuadrat). *): akan dipelajari.

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Distribusi Peubah Acak Khusus Pertemuan 08 Matakuliah: L0104 / Statistika Psikologi Tahun : 2008.

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Mahasiswa akan dapat menghitung peluang dan nilai harapan sebaran Binomial, Hipergeometrik dan Poisson. Three discrete probability distribuusi serve as models for a large number of practical applications: The coin-tossing experiment is a simple example of a binomial random variable.

The experiment consists of n identical trials. We are interested in x, the number of successes in n trials. He fires five shots at the target.


What is the probability that exactly 3 shots hit the target?

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Find the table for the correct value of n. Find the column for the correct value of p.

The number of calls received by a switchboard during a given period of time. The number of machine breakdowns in a day The number of traffic accidents at a given intersection during a given time period. Find the probability of exactly one accident during a one-week period.

A bowl contains M red candies and N-M blue candies.

Select n candies from the bowl and record x the number of red candies selected. The probability of exactly k successes in n trials is. A student randomly selects four batteries and replaces the batteries in his calculator. What is the probability that all four batteries work? hipefgeometrik

The Binomial Random Variable 1. Calculating binomial probabilities a. Cumulative binomial tables c. Individual and cumulative probabilities using Minitab 3.

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Mean of the binomial random variable: Variance and standard deviation: The Poisson Random Variable 1. The number of events that occur in a period of time or space, during which an average of m such events are expected to occur 2. Calculating Poisson probabilities a. Cumulative Poisson tables c. Mean of the Poisson random variable: The Hypergeometric Random Variable 1.


The number of successes in a sample of size n from a finite population containing M successes and N – M failures 2.

Formula for the probability of k successes in n trials: Mean of the hypergeometric random variable: A Statistik Ekonomi Tahun: I diistribusi Statistik Probabilitas Tahun: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

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