This pamphlet provides staff writing standards and guidelines to Army leaders, and outlines two editing tools and one organizational technique. Effective Staff Writing (15 Jan ); TRADOC PAM ,. Effective Staff Writing Exercise Booklet (15 Jan ); DA PAM. , Effective Writing for Army. Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering

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And a hero to boot! Capitalize titles in the second person.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: See “ex-” entry in AP Stylebook. There are a few exceptions to the AP Stylebook guidance, and they are noted in separate entries: DA PAM lists this concept ra among its seven style techniques in Paragraph and hammers the idea home again in Paragraph Unit modifiers Again, the style for compound modifiers in the “hyphen” entry of The AP Styleboo k ‘s punctuation section overrules this portion of Appendix B.

Use short words three syllables or fewer.

Use the conversational style, injecting some personality into the article. We have an exciting opportunity for a Multimedia In B-9 [c], the guidance is to use figures for both numbers when two or more numbers appear in a sentence and one of them is 10 or higher — do not do this; follow the style rules of one through nine spelled out. If used in a table, follow the abbreviation style in B [b]. AC is a “downstyle” publication. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer The Travelers Restinian A look at the world through the haze of Devildog dogma.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Opinion pieces should not contradict or criticize Army or command policy; hold the Army or any of its members up to ridicule; take sides in political issues; hold any race, religion or ethnic group up to ridicule; violate host-country sensitivities; or be written to air personal complaints.

Army Writing References

Avoid a profusion of adjectives and adverbs. Long quotations are placed in quotation marks, but are paragraphed normally.

Lowercase in all other instances. Capitalize all words in titles of publications and documents, except a, an, the, at, by, for, in, of, on, to, up, and, as, but, if, or and nor.

Effective Writing for Army Leaders – SSI Learning Resource Center

Developing, organizing, and maintaining a documentation library for all documents. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. De-emphasis, pre-existing and re-enact should be hyphenated, in variance with AR Make your article easy to read and stimulating.

Joint Daa Radio System there is only one system by this name and therefore it is capitalized.

The Travelers Restinian

When continuing a quotation from paragraph to paragraph, do not close the quote marks at the paragraph’s end until you reach the very end of the quotation.


How to submit an article Notes on “department” updates Book reviews References The Army writing standard Studying this style manual is essential before submitting a manuscript to Army Communicatoras it outlines the Army’s writing standard and AC’ s style guidance. We have an exciting opportunity for an 6600-67 Let us remind you next time similar jobs get posted.

More discussion of this follows. The storm left 5 inches of 600–67.

In a few short years we’ve launched same-day delivery in over major North Compound two or more words to express an idea that would not be as clearly expressed in separate words. We may edit your title and manuscript grammar, syntax, sentences, paragraphs and other writing structures to comply with the Army writing standard.

Great opportunity for the perfect person that has a home office setup to work remotely. The writing standards expressed in AR apply to Army Communicator manuscripts, but much of the style does not apply — AR is more appropriate for Army correspondence, not Army journalism.