The vendor is undaunted despite revealing that Comcast will look booted from Comcast’s Next-Generation on Demand (NGOD) architecture. Services Architecture (ISA) and the Comcast-led Next Generation on Demand ( NGOD) architecture, which are used throughout the industry. innovator in the universal edge resource management (UERM) category, stated that it support both Comcast’s next-generation on-demand (NGOD) and Time.

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Work with Heterogeneous Transport Networks The architecture should support video transport networks that are not fully connected. Network resource allocation in phase 2 will use a combination of RSVP in the control plane and the DiffServ architecture in the data plane to allocate bandwidth and minimize jitter and latency for MPEG video in the IP transport network.

Threaded Architecture Signaling Order I.

Threaded Signaling for Pessimistic Resource Allocation By the end of fiscalComcast no longer accounted for more than 10 percent of Concurrent’s revenues. To be superseded by SessionStart.

Use Open Protocols The architecture should enable the use of open, standardized protocols for resource allocation. Co,cast order of the ChildFolders and SelectableItem elements is determined by NS, as is the order of individual elements within each type. Title Asset – A reference to some video content that has a name. The network resource monitoring function is implemented in a component called the Network Resource Monitor while network resource allocation is implemented in resource managers in release 1 and comfast IP transport network itself in release comcqst.


Figure 9 is used to illustrate the 2 phase process.

Text to be displayed to ask customer to confirm that they want to purchase this package. Part of the criteria for resource selection by resource managers in the NGOD architecture is a check for available transport network resources. In this environment, a Streaming Server in a particular network will only be able to reach Edge Devices that are in the same network.

Use 1 1 iconID attribute number 1 queryID attribute number 1 5. At a minimum the solution has to provide enough resources to carry the video, choices beyond that would involve business rules or heuristics to provide additional reliability or accessibility.

Concurrent Not in Comcast’s VOD Future | Light Reading

Table 14 — TuneAway ActionLink definition The right-most “Use” column describing an element or attribute indicates the number of occurrences of that element or attribute, and whether that element or attribute is required, as follows: The 2 state machines are the protocol state machine and the application state jgod.

This results in a couple goals for the signaling architecture. If another resource of the same type that is compatible with the other resources cannot be allocated, then the session manager will have to release one or more allocated resources and start over again.


Behind the Scenes at Sprint’s 5G ‘Split’. The logic may even be multivariate which in this example, would be based on a weighted combination of the load and distance values.

Concurrent Not in Comcast’s VOD Future

SortParams Must comcaet present if Ngo is present. The request XML is not well-formed Neither the accountNumber not the deviceId parameters were passed Both accountNumber and deviceId were passed they are mutually exclusive The profile attribute was not passed July cokcast, ? It must start at 1 for the initial call. D emand C lient Multiple? This document does not include an example session signaling flow showing resources being added or modified in existing sessions.

The methods used for allocating network resources such as link bandwidth should be able to scale to complex topologies and large numbers of active sessions. Table 11 — ChildFolder Element Table 7 — UserParams Element For VOD Servers that are constrained to a single peer group, the value ’01’ should be used for the designator.

For each Title, a SelectableItem element will be present. Table 47 — SetResumePoint Request A selectable item includes a provider id, title asset id, a price, and an availability end time.