Mar 31, CBSE-CCEDATA software shall enable the Schools affiliated with the . Printing of Final Report from CBSE Server for each Academic Session i.e.: .. XLS (where indicates your school code) and file type as „Excel. to create and edit personal and business documents such as letters, reports etc. What is the default file extension of MS Word //? 8) Status Bar – It can be used to view the total number of items in a location, or the number of. Learn Concept of Form and Report with basic example. 9. Create a sec, rollno, status, photo and value of “status” field must be senior. e. Prepare a form of.

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This type of analysis for all subjects can be done on single mouse click. Project, Revise and learn all the chapters taught in class. Illustrating the types of population and their effects. Complete the project on given topics.

CBSE Report Card Software for (As per new CBSE Guidelines)

Prepare maths project discussed 2. In the interests of enhancing the value of the information contained. My Canvas-1 [Literature Reader] For enchancing reading proggess only 4. Make the project on the given topics.


In the interests of enhancing the value of the information contained More information. Solve all the chapter Tests of the chapters taught in the class. Complete the given worksheets prepare all the chapters Which are taught. Two Gentlemen of Verona 2.

Durga Puja Holiday Class Home: Our software is very user friendly. Read the chapter Measurements and Motion thoroughly and learn all the important definitions and formula.

It is a java based desktop software. With the help of our Software you can download that important and relevant information in Microsoft Excel [. Cornerstone-1 [For Self More information.

Holiday Home Work Class VI A +B

Do the chapter test of the Series and sequence, prepare Quadratic equation. Solve the unit test papers of the chapter 3 taught in book. Umang – Hindi Vyakaran More information. Learn all the answer of civics 2. Just fill the obtain marks in our software and after that all marks calculation and grade conversion automatically done.


Union public service commission Upsc conducts CDS combined defense services. We wish that you enjoy your long break with parents, family. So teachers can do online as well as offline working too. A web based platform for teachers to enter marks via laptop and smart cbsee from their home also. Find the meanings of difficult words and make sentences of those words.

Section A Unseen prose passage and poem comprehension 2. This platform is connected to desktop based software. Use of a and an 5.

Holiday Home Work Class VI A +B – PDF

reporh Section B Writing a Notice b Story writing. Stick the picture of some Presidents and Prime Minister on a chart paper. Practice of prepositions and phrasal verbs from any grammar book.

For every teachers, automatically role assign according to their classes and after login in they just update the student obtain marks of exams and after that all necessary reports automatically generate.

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