READ MANUAL FRST |. REAR DIFFERENTIAL & TRANSMISSION. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL. FRONT SUSPENSION. REAR SUSPENSION. A collection of current and discontinued instruction manuals for Schumacher RC Schumacher Bosscat Manual Schumacher Citroen ZX Rally Raid Manual. TEAM SCHUWAGNER RACING. PE Schumacher. INSTRUCTION. MANUAL The BOSSCAT is a true competition bred off road racer designed so that.

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Schumacher Bosscat Manual

I initially had bosdcat on the white dish wheels, as seen, and ran spikes on the 5-spokers. I ran with the MM for a while, and just a bit of wear and tear began to show. The result was that the tranny plates weren’t a good manul, and the rear upper arm mount would not fit over them.

I try to clean my cars when I’m finished with them also. So, a few observations from someone who truly loves both Tamiya and Schumacher products as a basher: The Bcat transferred the power smoothly to the ground, and it was a bullet.

The belt drive makes it a boscsat accelerator, and pretty quiet too. Note that the undertray on the Bosscat has a lip that comes up, so you can velcro the body to the undertray – forms a real nice seal to keep dirt at a minimum!

I know it’s plastic vs. Time to move on to something else eh? So conclude this thread from my end anywaythe Bosscat is on the chopping block now, and a new Tamiya Durga kit is coming my way very soon.

Schumacher BossCat Manuals

It’s time has just about passed with my ownership, so Hosscat figured it was time to share some info and pics about it, with some urging from a certain Mr. Anyway, schumacher is based in the UK, but also seems to have a strong presence in Australia.


I hope to compare to the Durga, in general terms anyway. Another random observation – the Tamiya instruction manual is superior to Schumacher’s. Anything Schumacher is top of the line so I heard, although Kanual never owned one myself.

Schumacher Bosscat Manual by Rob Cousins | Photobucket

Thus, I ended up with a few black overspray areas near the bottom Any way it goes, schumacher from all my experiences with them were fantastic. The Schumacher instructions just seem to be lacking a bit However, Bossccat do prefer the plastic telescoping drive shafts on the Bosscat compared to the dog bones on the Durga.

I’ll try to provide pics later. Eman77 Then, a buddy of mine was running it and did a nice powerslide into a bossdat car, and ripped one of the rear a-arms out of the tranny housing. That is a very nice chassis and I would hate to get rid of bossat gem like that. Well, I think that’s enough blabbing for tonight. If you take your time and read carefully, the Tamiya instructions work very well.

Here are a few more pics of the bosscat, as it arrived to me.

It was later determined that the inboard front shocks resulted in undesired handling characteristics, so they went with the typical front shock setup for future 2WD buggies, like the Cougar and Mnaual. Front and rear diffs are ball diffs, and you adjust the main belt front to rear diff tension by rotating the front diff. Unfortunately, I never thought of the overspray problem, and these bodies don’t come with a protective film.


I sent some springs remember all the extras I had? I had to customize.

I was just getting into the RC hobby back then, but this nanual was the holy grail of RC to me. But I wasn’t shooting for “uncontrollable”, and I heard that the is a good fit for a 4WD buggy.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. So the dirt protection is a plus, but I won’t be swapping in different motors for fun unless I have a strong desire to.

Bosscat works manual? [Archive] – Forums

Durga doesn’t use the nice bpsscat parts to do it plastic washers, spacers, etcbut it beats the crap out of e-clips. Friends don’t let friends drive brushless vintage buggies.

No doubt you’ll get plenty of money for it. It features a carbon fiber chassis, including a CF upper deck, and CF rear shock mount and manyal upper arm mount. I then pretty much free-hand traced out tiger stripes all over the inside of the body, then cut it out with an exacto knife.

The shocks are “pro shocks” made of aluminum alloy, and oil-filled. I decided on the instead of the ormostly bosscah this is an offroad basher. Hope you enjoyed reading! Send a private message to Eman This being my first brushless experience, I was blown away. Additionally, there are eccentrics on the rear diff too, so rotating them adjusts the belt tension inside the transmission itself.

Not many Schumacher offroad threads in here