It appears you are located in United States of America. Stay on SAP Training Shop United States of America or choose another country or region. To learn more. BIT SAP NetWeaver Process Integration SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Participant Handbook Course Version: 74 Course Duration: 5 Day(s) Material. Operations of SAP Process Integration. Using the Runtime Workbench; Using the Process Integration Monitoring (PIMon) Home; Using the SAP NetWeaver.

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The RWB enables you to display and monitor the following components: Create an interface determination.

Which process components must be installed together in a system so that they can be subsequently executed? In addition to the structure mapping, which maps the source and inbound structures to each integratlon, you can also define a value mapping, which maps values of the structure to the required values in the inbound structure. Operations BIT Solution However, this would give a false impression of the actual process flow of the scenario.

Here, the administrator determines the maximum number of work processes available for this task. Of course, the known XI 3. The relevant adapter is then called. In the detail view, choose the Test tab page. Search for the software components listed above.

Each business process that is to be implemented in a system landscape requires particular functions in the form of programs. First, highlight the sender action and then the receiver action, and choose Define Connection in the sender action context menu. In the case of asynchronous processing, you also have the option of processing with serialization Exactly Once In Order.

On the right, two windows contain detailed information about the message. To process the process steps depending on the content of a message. Information must be stored in the Integration Directory for these, which specifies how the sender or receiver communication component can be contacted. Configuring virtual proces, managing log-in modules and authorizations on AS Java, configuring the JMS server, managing the authentication policy for AS Java, managing resources for applications, and lastly, configuring web services and UDDI servers.


The uniqueness of an object in the Enterprise Services Repository Integration Prkcess is determined by the following three elements: Activate your objects and test the scenario again. Pipeline Defined series of message processing steps that are carried out by the Integration Engine. Assigning Business Systems and Analyzing Business Processes You want to map business processes in a distributed system landscape, and you want the mapping to be independent of changes to the “real” servers of the systems involved.

SAP Process Integration

Mapping Between Service Interfaces Solution 8: In the data integrxtion editor you only ever see that mapping in the target field. Checking the Message Monitor Task: SAP namespaces follow the standard http: These include Process Integration scenario objects, modeling objects in the Enterprise Services area, interface objects, mapping objects and adapter objects, as well as objects that identify a work area, in other nerweaver, software components and namespaces.

There are different ways in which a message can be delivered to receiver systems. Test the scenario and display the corresponding message in the Integration Engine Monitor. However, the target structure has an additional date field that the source document does not have.

Interface Determination Message Branching If more than one receiver is determined by the receiver determination, the message is copied for each receiver – after the interface determination. A blank row is already available for the assignment, and so you do not need to generate a new row. A file is created for a virtual receiver system.

Namespaces with this prefix have no value in the sense that they are not connected with a web page in the Internet. Firstly, the receiver and the receiver inbound interface are determined from the configuration data.

If the Operation Mappings node is not available, use the context menu of the namespace urn: With one and the same system, an IDoc can be delivered once; a file can be stored on the server of the the receiver; the mail server of the receiver can be contacted; and lastly, the file can be written directly to a proess database table.

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In the above figure, the number 5 is set as the value, which means that five inbound queues are available for the parallel processing of messages through the pipeline. Save your settings integrayion activate your change list. Which communication channel is selected?

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For these objects it is not important whether and on which server the software component is actually installed. In order to group integration scenarios within an integration scenario catalog, the integration scenario group is provided as an additional grouping element. This lesson provides an overview of this technology. To switch between these windows, choose Display Window 1 or Display Window 2.

Later, they will provide both aap information for implementing the services and information for any configuration steps that may be required.

PI Message Mapping

Examine the message-split step in the monitor. The process overview is the initial screen for process monitoring and contains a graphical representation of the components involved in the process.

Graphical overview of business processes. From a modeling perspective, a process component is a “wrapper” for encapsulating data and services to access this data. A field for the condition opens and you procdss access the condition editor using the F4 help.

To be more precise, a communication channel contains the adapter configuration, including the adapter-specific configuration parameters and the connection data for neetweaver target system. You therefore answer the following essential questions before the implementation: