“I would urge anyone coming to this book from knowing Bill’s music to trust “Bill Bruford -The Autobiography” continues to go from strength to. “Bill Bruford -The Autobiography” continues to go from strength to strength. A second edition of the paperback has just been published by Foruli. of Bill Bruford and Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, Summerfold and Winterfold Records. Bill’s Summerfold and Winterfold record catalogues are in transition to a new.

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Jun 03, Derek Hale rated it really liked it. Retrieved 16 March In Two Minds Birdology buy.

Bill Bruford: the Autobiography : Yes, “King Crimson”,”Earthworks” and More

Bruford has written a painfully honest book about his experience as a musician addressin This is a great Autobiography by Bill Bruford. The first one is about “music as art” versus music as a commodity. Trivia About Bill Bruford – Th Bruford tells his story more or less chronologically, in chapters titled as questions he’s been asked over the years: Maybe, but Bruford has managed to straddle both the art rock and jazz worlds like few others have.

Is it difficult, with a family?

Book Reviews Astral Weeks: But his tale is a welcome corrective to the much-bandied myth of fame and fortune. In JanuaryBruford reconvened Earthworks: Live in Autobiographhy City.


However, to expand our offerings and develop new means to foster jazz discovery we need your help. Perhaps the closest thing to a snark in the book is this comment on guitarist Robert Fripp: Much of the book is given over to analysis of the musician and their role in modern culture in all aspects.

Sign in or sign up to upload your events. Retrieved 19 May Then, every note was perfect, polished, wreathed, garlanded and bedecked with self-confidence; now every note is riddled with the maggots of self-doubt ByBruford had rehearsed with Ray Gomez and Jeff Berlin in the US but plans to form a group failed, partly due to the members living far away from each other.

Review: Bill Bruford: The Autobiography by Bill Bruford | Books | The Guardian

When you do, All About Jazz will receive a sales commission. The Final Chapter of the Grateful In Tokyo Winterfold Records buy.

His career is covered in full but in highly thoughful mode, and without overly much analysis of the music made. That dude just creates unique compositional soundscapes. By far the best aspect of the autobiography deserves capitalization: Aug 07, Kurt rated it liked it.

Another good feature of the autobiography is that it is not chronological but instead arranged around selected topics from theory, business, and sociology of music, which of course helps the author focus on the serious aspects of his career.


An interesting aspect of Cameron is that his drumming is deeply influenced by the fusion drummers of the seventies, especially Bill Bruford. There is mastery in the pen as much as in the drum stick. Music for Piano and Drums Flags. We sent a confirmation message to. The Solos Something’s Coming: If he did, you suspect he shuddered and counted his blessings.

This guy played in King Crimson! His autobiography was released in early I prefer to title the instrumental music I produce in an oblique, rather coded kind of language, as if to say: In Two Minds Birdology buy.

A different beat

Views Read Edit View history. From time to time, at polite dinner parties, someone will ask Bill what he does. The Music, Musicians And Let me just focus on two of my hot-button issues. Search News by title.