That’s what James Montier tries to explain in The Little Book of Behavioral Investing. Montier goes through study after study to show why we. The Little Book of Behavioral Investing has ratings and 83 reviews. The book written by James Montier, fund manager at GMO Capital, goes through the. Each book offers a unique perspective on investing, allowing the reader to pick and ยท choose from the The Little Book of Behavioral Investing by James Montier .

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I recommend it for those wanting a quick tour of our human biases and how they tend to be reflected in investment decisions. A fun read on how our behavior, whether nature or nurture, can work against us when it comes to decision making. Description A detailed guide to overcoming the most frequently encountered psychological pitfalls of investing Bias, emotion, and overconfidence are just three of the many behavioral traits that can lead investkng to lose money or achieve lower returns.

Cashback within monter days from shipment. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, The Little Jamess of Behavioral Investing will enable you to identify and eliminate behavioral traits that can hinder your investment endeavors and show you how to go about achieving superior returns in the process.

Hard to change what we adquired with efforts.


I’d say that this book is interesting and important, but it’s degree of appeal is correlated with your interest in finances, simple math and behavioral sciences. Montier has been described as a maverick, an iconoclast, and an enfant terrible by the press.

Those who predict don’t have knowledge” from Lao Tzu. We have often described our techniques for accomplishing this: On the other hand, nearly all people who manage their own investments make a myriad montjer repeated mistakes based on patterned and harmful behavior.

I guess that was his ultimate goal.

Invvesting get the free app, enter mobile phone number. Simply put, the endowment effect says that once you own something you start to place a higher value on it than others would. Basicamente, ele te ensina duas coisas importantes: Here’s how terms and conditions apply. This is a great introduction to behavioral finance.

Even once we are aware of our biases, we must recognise that knowledge does not equal behaviour.

The Little Book of Behavioral Investing: How Not to Be Your Own Worst Enemy by James Montier

We, as humans, are not rational. In short, he says that predicting the future is not possible and that we are very bad in forecasting, even more when we are “professionals”, because of how our brain works.

Oct 21, Olivier Novel rated it really liked it. History of humankind is replete with bad choices by both individuals and nations.

The first was placing forecasting at the very heart of the investment process. To view it, click here.


This book revisit the same topic again, System X vs System C, but rather short, precise and focus on the topic of investing with quote and experience from real person. In The Little Book of Behavioral Investingexpert JamesMontier takes you through some of the most important behavioralchallenges faced by investors. How we need to be skeptical, avoid useless predictions, and focus in penetrating analysis.

Behavioral Investing – James Montier –

I found it less structured than I expected for a Little book. The facts are back up by study. Here is a little more grist for the mill. Is this stock seriously undervalued? Where in the cycle we are? Key thoughts to remember: See all free Kindle reading apps. He shows how to at least try to avoid common biases and focusing on the facts on the past. James Montier is an expert in behavioral finance, argues that investors would have a greater chance of spotting the formation of bubbles if they could only brush up on their history and have a greater awareness of human psychology.

All in all the book was insightful and a fun read!