Broadcom’s existing GPS solutions, the BCM and BCM, enabling rapid adoption while accelerating time- to-market. r. The processing. BCM datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. The IQXT employs an analogue ASIC for the oscillator and a high order temperature compensation circuit in a x. mm size package.

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Broadcom Corporation – BCM4750 – Single-Chip AGPS Solution

The software tries to position the arrow always on the nearest street. New units have a hardware fix, and a software update helps a lot for older units as well.

The use of the GPS is highly dependent on which software is used.

This results in a very good sampling rate when you walk, but is less optimal when you drive your car or ride a bike – especially in a city. On the whole it has been pretty reliable, but it has crashed once on me while surveying and meant I lost an hour’s worth of tracks I think I might modify Maemo Mapper to do a periodic autosave, but in the meantime frequent saves are recommended.

Some receivers might use RTCM as identifier for corrections, but the source than is one of the systems mentioned above. It is a sealed unit with a rechargable lithium ion battery. The manual says “logging interval Approx. You can also geotag photos taken using these phones using Nokia’s free Location tagger software. It has all the standard basic GPS features: If a folder named “Tracks” is created, the device logs all tracks there. Note that this device has a smaller patch antenna than the BT-Q models which may impact sensitivity.


Qualcomm has an architecture license from ARM so they are free to design their own cores without having to stick to ARMs own implementations such as Cortex-A9 etc.

In my daily hunt for new processors, and other chips for the museum, as well as information about new chips, I constantly come across interesting chips, in strange locations. The software is able to store the NMEA logs parallel to normal card view, but also in navigation mode. The GPS-CS1 was originally conceived to georeference digital pictures in accordance with their timestamp.

Seeing as the iPhone 5 should be released on September 12th here is a quick update to bring our table up to date. Time to lock, and typical accuracy are very good when AGPS is used can be a bit tempramental without it. A update to the Neo which has the mass market as target.

But for simple rural roads it works well.

Retrieved from ” http: Graphics speed will also be increased with an updated Adreno graphics core. It can record 8, track points in the built-in flash memory at “compact”, 1, 5, 10, 30 and 60 second intervals.

FR:GPS device reviews

Search here for the section [GPS]. When the device is full, it appears to start removing older files. Since it talks NMEAit works with most software, but you do have to do most of the processing on something else. The advantage is the much lower cost. After unlocking the Windows desktop you can use custom programs for data logging: It is about 4.


The phone is not delivered with any application that easily can be used for gps tracking. Tracking runs always in background if the navigation is running, in card view mode as well as in navigation mode. The ARM is roughly satasheet same as the with a few features removed.

FR:GPS device reviews – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Usually sees 7—12 satellites. It is specially dedicated of using in urban environnement to avoide urban canyoning effect and under the forest canopy. There are many free alternatives for capturing GPS tracks. Interestingly this baseband supports GSM but due to antenna issues it is not implemented here. The MMCE is more dedicated for static mapping than for kinetic mapping. Can load OSM maps onto them via shapefiles.

The small solar panel on the front of the datassheet helps to preserve the battery. Early firmware versions had problems with track drift firmware is upgradeable, but difficult to find the latest version.