This is a collection of tutorials for the AutoIt scripting language. With AutoIt, it is possible to automate many aspects of Windows. Including mouse movements. LEARNING TO SCRIPT WITH AUTOIT V3. Page 2. Table of Download and Install AutoIt V3. What is contained in this tutorial?. This AutoIT Tutorial teaches you in making your own automation application and do a 1 click process of your installations.

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How to use AutoIT with Selenium Webdriver: File Upload Example

After successfully installation – open up AutoIT Editor. When automating applications AutoIt can check for window title so that it knows which window it should work with. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Now, let’s look at the flag parameter for the MsgBox function again.

AutoIt boasts a very large community of both professional and hobbyist coders, all of whom volunteer their time to assist with scripting questions.

Start writing a script for selecting a file to upload.

Following are frequently asked questions in interviews for freshers as well experienced Selenium Now, we will take the values from element identifier for ‘ControlFocus’ and ‘ControlSetText’ methods as these methods works on same element i.

After following the above step, don’t close the windows editor and element identifierkeep it remain open. You should see the DOS window show up and it will start defragging the C: From the documentation page we can see various auroit3 listed which change the way MsgBox displays. Check below for output.


The template is stored at “C: Originally by lxP and updated by BrettF, this is a great starting point for those who have never scripted before. Now drag the finder tool on the “Open” button element of file uploader window to find the basic attribute information.

How to use AutoIT with Selenium Webdriver: File Upload Example

The good feature tutorila AutoIT is that it is somewhat like Eclipse that suggests you some of the methods. Next we want to close notepad, we can do this with the WinClose function. In this tutorial, you will learn- What is AutoIt?

In another way, we can say that this method is used to set the text autkit3 the input element. Opened the site on which to do the operation. Automation with AutoIT Tutorial: Remember, if you want to use more than one flag value then simply add the required values together.

Tutorial – Notepad

If you right click on your new. You can make this a 1 click process and let the application that you created do all the work. To find the command line switches for different applications, try the applications documentation or search for them on Google. There are lots of method available which we can use in a script according to the requirement, but right now we will focus on the below methods as these methods are required for writing file upload script: They start at a beginner level and work up from there.


Now we have created the script file we want to edit it to make it do something useful.

Prepared AutoIT script in the editor with the help of Element identifier. We can get the value of attributes i. This is the scripting file that AutoIT will be using and where we will be placing our code. Highlight the title in the AutoIt Info Tool window and press CTRL-C to copy it to the clipboard – we can then paste the title into our script without fear of misspelling it.

A new file will be created, immediately allowing you to rename autoif3 to something more appropriate. This method sets focus to the ‘file name’ text box of the file uploader window. You can download AutoIt from hereor check out the Forum page.

auotit3 AutoIT is required as these window based activity are not handled by Selenium. The title and message are both string parameters – when using strings in AutoIt surround the text in double or single quotes.

Now save the script and close the editor. This method clicks on ‘Open’ button of the file uploader window. Parameter values for ControlClick method: