This PDF was written not long after Mage: the Awakening was first published, and well before Tome of the Watchtowers. Its goal is to give. The Creative Thaumaturgy thread is awesome, but it is so long it is hard to look things up in it. You can sort by Arcana or Potency or author, etc. Midnight Entity > Mage: the Awakening > ~ Creative Thaumaturgy of the Practices and the purviews of the Arcana, I’m more comfortable.

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The Dethroned Queen Venue: The Awakening 2nd Edition Chronicle Storyteller: Wednesday, August 24, [Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition] Creative Thaumaturgy. Out of Character OOC: Jerad Sayler Assistant Storytellers: Cast a Deadly Spell: My comments are in yellow and are regarding my reviews of the system and my own personal and Storyteller’s perspective recommendations for use in our Chronicle.

The Awakening 2nd edition. Additional explanation is in this font, when it helps drive the concepts home. This can be the hardest part of the process, especially for a player.

It comes with practice, and in taking the example spells as a starting point rather than an exhaustive list — think of something similar to an existing spell but not quite covered? That can be your basis. Crdative minority of players all but abandon the described spells and think only in terms of the Practices. Most players will be somewhere in-between once they get the hang of it.


Here is the quick and dirty list of Arcana matches with Purview this is just off the top of my head: Forces — electromagnetic spectrum, heat, cold, kinetics, gravity, pressure, electricity, fire, radiation, weather, sound, light, magnetism, observable energy. Fate — Chance, luck, destiny, happenstance, probability, prediction, targeting, cause and effect, intuition, curses.

Mind — consciousness, intelligence, telepathy, neurons, Astral travel, memory, mentalism, hypnotism, mental control, inner demons. Life — All living things and their processes, instinct, regeneration, biological control, evolution. Spirit — Gauntlet, Shadow, spirits, ephemera, numina. Death — Souls, ghosts, ectoplasm, undead, darkness, entropy, mortality.

Matter — materials, molecular structures, chemistry, supernal materials.

Mage/Creative Thaumaturgy

Second edition flat-out tells you about it, and about how Fate interacts with destiny, and how magical sympathy and contagion work with Space. Granting the Rote Action Quality.

Granting automatic success or failure. As pre-packaged blocks of rules already designed to fit into a lot of different systems, Conditions are an excellent source of inspiration for long-lasting spells.

Use the Practice descriptions and the following list as a guideline: Conditions created with magic only last as long as the Duration factor of the spell. If the target resolves the Condition before the Duration expires, the spell ends early and the target gains a Beat as normal.

Spells that grant bonus dots to traits can belong to nearly any Practice, depending on what the Trait represents. Obvious examples include Perfecting for directly increasing the Attributes and Skills of a target, but a Creativve spell to make a corpse rise up and serve you can be modeled as a spell that grants you Retainer dots.


Arcana of Creative Thaumaturgy – Axis Tenebrae

This also applies to spells that simply increase a dice pool. Remember that high-Gnosis mages and other supernatural creatures may have Trait maximums higher than 5.

Such attacks must win a Clash of Wills to affect the target. This stealth is fully effective against ordinary senses, and provokes a Clash of Wills against mystical detection attempts. Things like walking through walls, shaping clay into a statue, or transmuting one substance into another fall under this category.

However, if the effect could have varying degrees of success consider trying to calm a hurricane: The guidelines for determining the number of successes required on an extended action provide a good rule of thumb.


Thyrsus challenge their own bodies with horrible diseases. The only limits are the rule that a character may only earn one Beat per scene from.

Spells that cross the Gauntlet are Withstood by the local Gauntlet Strength. Other spells might be Withstood by more esoteric values.

Mage/Creative Thaumaturgy – Fallcoast

Determine which Factor is the Primary Factor. Newer Post Older Post Home. The Dethroned Queen] San Diego: The Awakening Chronicle Storyteller: The Awakening 2nd Edition] Basics of Spellcasting.