Get this from a library! Directory for the pastoral ministry of bishops: Apostolorum successores. [Catholic Church. Congregatio pro Episcopis.]. Here is a translation of the Vatican press office’s presentation on the new “ Pastoral Directory for Bishops, ‘Apostolorum Successores,’”. AS Apostolorum successores, Congregation for Bishops, Directory for the Pastoral ministry of Bishops (February 22, ). Vatican City: Libreria Editrice.

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Despite the inter-relatedness of the four aspects of ongoing formation — human, spiritual, intellectual-doctrinal and pastoral — the Bishop needs to pursue each of them individually. The Bishop should encourage close cooperation between the respective formation teams of the major seminary and the minor seminary, so succesores to avoid any discontinuity in their basic approach to formation.

In fact all Christians, individually and collectively, have the right and the duty to cooperate in the mission which Christ entrusted to his Church, each according to his own particular vocation and gifts received from the Holy Spirit The priest should not be deprived of whatever is necessary to maintain a fitting and worthy quality of life, and the faithful in the diocese should be aware that it is their responsibility to provide for this.

Should he observe abuses or errors, the Metropolitan, attentive to the good of the faithful and to the unity of the Church, should refer the matter objectively to the papal Legate, so that the Apostolic See can take appropriate action.

This constant spiritual formation enables the Bishop to animate his pastoral activity with an authentic spirit of holiness, tirelessly promoting and sustaining the universal call to holiness.

The Bishop should educate his priests of every age and condition to fulfil their duty of ongoing formation and he should ensure that due provision is made for thisso that their enthusiasm for the ministry does not wane, but grows and matures with the passage of time, making the sublime gift they have received more dynamic and more effective cf.

Chaptersafter recalling the identity and mission of the Bishop, reflect on sucfessores solicitude for the universal Church and on episcopal collegiality.

Project MUSE – The Teaching Ministry of the Diocesan Bishop and Its Collaborative Exercise

Each month the Bishop will try to set aside a suitable period for spiritual recollection, and once a year he will make a retreat. This should help them overcome any unwillingness to participate in the programmes of ongoing formation offered by the diocesewhether as a result of routine, fatigue, an exaggerated work ethic or an excessive reliance on their own abilities. The Bishop sets a good example for his priests if, alongside them, apostoolrum closest co-workers, he himself actively participates as much as possible in formation programmes He should also ensure the necessary clarity so that it is obvious when an instruction is obligatory and when succdssores is merely a guideline, what type of conduct is prescribed and aposstolorum is prohibited.

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At the same time, their task is to shed the light of the Gospel upon the new questions that are constantly presented by changing succcessores circumstances for example, questions of a cultural, socioeconomic or scientific and technological nature 4.

In this way, the Bishop apostolorumm that priests dedicate themselves completely to whatever is proper to their ministrysince the needs of the Church are great cf. By virtue of the diaconal dimension of his office, the Bishop should avoid authoritarianism in the exercise of his power and should be ready to listen to the faithful and seek their cooperation and their counsel, through the channels and structures established by canonical discipline.

“Apostolorum Successores”: New directory for Bishops

Significantly, this Directory is being published shortly after the promulgation of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Pastores Gregiswhich brought together the ideas and proposals of the Tenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, held in and devoted to a study of the episcopal ministry under the heading: Its inner unity and energy is found through pastoral charity, which may rightly be called the bond of episcopal perfection: The Bishop, in guiding his diocese, should observe the principles of justice and legality, knowing that respect for the rights of all in the Church requires that everyone, including himself, be subject to canon law.

Our Saviour entrusted to Peter and to the other Apostles the task of feeding this one and only Church of his cf. Bishops, moreover, are responsible for sanctifying and governing the People of God cum et sub Petrowith missionary dynamism and in continuity with the work accomplished by their episcopal predecessors.

They bring necessary nourishment for his spiritual life, as they do for every member of the Church. Legislative power in the diocesan forum belongs exclusively to the diocesan Bishop. The Bishop should set a fine example of fraternal charity and of a truly collegial spirit, offering loving care and support, both spiritual and material, to the coadjutor, the auxiliary and the Bishop Emeritus, to the diocesan presbyterate, the deacons and the faithful, and particularly to the poor and successoree needy.

The Bishop, realizing that he is not only father and head of the particular Church, but also a brother in Christ and a member of the Christian faithful, does not act as if he were above the law, but observes the same rule of justice which he applies to others Jesus willed the Twelve to be an undivided College with Peter as head, and so it was that they carried out their mission as eye-witnesses of his resurrection, beginning from Jerusalem cf.


Also addressed are important topics such as the central character of Sunday, the importance of popular piety, the decorum of sacred places. In each of these areas, the competence apostolorun to the Conference must be consistent with the responsibility of each Bishop in his own diocese.

“Apostolorum Successores”: New directory for Bishops

He is linked with the other members of the College by episcopal fraternity and by the close bond uniting the Bishops to the Head of the College. The succeasores relies on the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and post-conciliar reflections, both theological and canonical, on the episcopal teaching office within the Roman Catholic Church.

Therefore he should look first of all to the good of souls, respecting the dignity of persons and making use of their talents in the most appropriate and beneficial way, in the service of the community, always assigning the right person to the right post. This same solicitude for the universal Church should prompt the Bishop to offer the Pope recommendations, observations and suggestions, to point out dangers for the Church, opportunities for new initiatives and other useful ideas.

To this end, the Bishop should seek to ensure that formators and future professors themselves receive the necessary formation, to the highest academic level possible. These episcopal gatherings are expressions of the collegial dimension of the episcopal ministry and its need to adapt to the successorss human aposyolorum in which the Church exercises her saving mission Also addressed are pastoral questions affecting large cities and the organization of successoers whole of pastoral care.

For this purpose he should avail himself of the assistance of specialists in canon law, who should never be lacking in a particular Church. On certain more important topics, the Bishop should seek opportunities to listen at length, to enter into dialogue with experts, sharing experiences, methods and new resources for pastoral ministry and the spiritual life.

The Bishop will realize that he too has a duty to attend to his ongoing formation, a duty he shares with all the faithful whatever their age or condition in life, whatever their level of responsibility in the Church Every Bishop should fulfil this responsibility with the greatest solicitude. He successores also encourage them to enjoy a sufficient period of vacation each year As successors of the Apostles, Bishops receive the grace and the responsibility to safeguard the mark of apostolicity in the Church.