The Alaria alata is a development stage of a trematode. It multiplies in the intestines of the final host, which are as a rule animals which eat game meat. Through. Summary: The trematode Alaria alata is a cosmopolite parasite found in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes), the main definitive host in Europe. In contrast only few data. ABSTRACT. The digenean trematode Alaria alata, an intestinal parasite of wild canids is widely distributed in. Europe. The recent finding of the mesocercarial.

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The typical structure of muscle fibers was altered around the larvae, with inflammatory cell reactions, represented mainly by lymphocytes, macrophages, and plasma cells Figurepanel D. Open in a separate window. Trematodes of animals alaira man; essentials of trematodology, vol. New data in France on the trematode Alaria alata Goeze, obtained during Trichinella inspections. This assumption could explain the local absence of inflammatory reaction around the parasites.

Alafa cases of intraocular infection with Alaria mesocercaria Trematoda. The lesions of the subcutaneous connective tissue consisted of an inflammatory reaction panniculitis.

The mesocercariae remain in organs such as the muscles, connective tissue or lungs, and eyes. Some mesocercariae indicated by black arrow are enclosed in a thin, pale staining capsule white arrows.

This alaris is sustained by the presence of mononuclear cells that it infiltrates and by the appearance of the granulomatous tissue in various stages of maturation, which leads to muscle and subcutaneous fibroplasia. There have been cases reported of fatal disease with systematic infection with Alaria larvae ingestion of undercooked frog legs. Alaria alata infection in European mink [letter]. B Free mesocercarium after alaeia digestion, showing the alari of A.


The polyphasic nature of muscle and subcutaneous lesions produced by A. Showing of 8 references. In certain histologic sections, the damaged muscular tissue was replaced by granulation tissue in various stages of development Figurepanel F. The structure of all mesocercariae observed by microscopy suggested that they were alive and active before the mink carcass was frozen.

There are two intermediate hosts involved, but there aoaria also be paretic hosts, such as snakes, mice, birds, and humans. Note the lack of leukocyte response.

Alaria alata – en “ny” parasitær zoonose? – DTU Orbit

From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Emerg Infect Dis [Internet].

Other hosts include cats, foxes, and minks. During necropsy, multiple, well-defined, whitish nodules were observed in most muscular and subcutaneous tissues Figurepanel Awith no evident preferential localization. Unfortunately for humans, it can be quite harmful and even cause death. In humans, you can prevent this by not eating undercooked meat of infected hosts.

The sporocysts then produce cercariae. Alarua Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Topics Discussed in This Paper. It is usually found in the small intestine of dogs, cats, or wild carnivores. This page was last edited on 22 Marchat The main sources for human infection are suids and frogs 1. Les Amphibiens de France, Belgique et Luxembourg.

Humans can be infected by ingesting Alaria larvae, which can be from eating undercooked frog legs or contaminated boar or pig meat. Species of Alaria have complex indirect life cycles. Untersuchungen zur Helminthenfauna und zum Vorkommen von Trichinella sp.

F Migration route of the parasite route with center marked by the black starfollowed by invasion of nonnecrotic muscle fibers by mononucleate inflammatory cells white arrow located mainly in the center of the migration tract and fibrous connective tissue with collagen fibers densely packed at the periphery bright green, marked by black arrows and more loosely in the center pale green material, marked by arrowheads. References Publications referenced by this wlaria.


The lack of inflammation was previously observed also with A. It usually takes about two weeks to develop. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Showing of 5 extracted citations. The reparatory nature of the lesions suggests that the inflammation is probably the result of direct tissue damage rather than an immune reaction targeted alatia the parasitic antigens.

Influence de facteurs environnementaux sur la reproduction de Rana dalmatina Alsria, Ranidae: Study on the European mink Mustela lutreola helminthocenoses in connection with the American mink M.

First interlaboratory test for the detection of Alaria spp. Infections of Alaria can be diagnosed through faecal examination or thoracic radiographs of dogs and cats.

Alaria alata in wild boars (Sus scrofa, Linnaeus, 1758) in the eastern parts of Germany

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Topics Discussed in This Paper.

Our report provides a detailed description of the lesions, shown by microscopy, which suggests the pathogenic mechanisms.