n Light Weight. For footnotes refer to the last page. IRHM REF: MIL-PRF- / TOAA. This datasheet has been downloaded. 2N 2NU. JANSR (K RAD(Si)). JANSF (K RAD(Si)). ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TC = +25°C unless otherwise noted). Parameters / Test. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Microsemi, N-Channel.

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Use of tin plating is prohibited as a final finish and as an undercoat see 6. The specified lead composition see 12 1. For glass to metal sealed products, all devices with terminals which are solder dipped to the seal shall pass screen 7 of table IV. The letters represent the chemical symbol for all major component metallic elements in the solder.

Use of tm-lead finishes are acceptable provided that the minimum lead content is 3 percent. Inspection of die mounting d Inspection for foreign or extraneous material 3 4.

The type 2h7269 be defined on the specif lcet Ion sheet.

No detects are allowed 12 i Ten of the 30 samples are then subjected to the sofcterabdity test No tetocts are altoweo. Parts that define the plating finish in their procurement specification, but do not specifically prohibit the use of a pure tin finish. The stan- ce rd profile 5P offers a compromise of electrical Q and mechanical size, and should be considered the component of choice for most applications.

2N datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Dimensions in inches taxless otherwise specified. The data sheet does not specify the material finish of the package or the leads. The type at lamllt: If hermetic seal is required in the group A, subgroup datasheey tests, this test shall be repeated, see 4. The following DPA report,identifies the package as gold plated. The intent of this appendix is to identify any mechanical part that does not have adequate requirements to prevent the use of a pure tin finish. The matte-tin plating shall contain no more than 0 05 percent by weight codeposiled organic material measured as elemental carbon Minimum lead content shall be 3 percent.


The Ferrite is not coated. Without sacrificing magnetic properties, many operations can be performed on ferrites, while maintaining strict dimensional or mechanical tolerances: Any parts datassheet lot not exceeding PDA for group A, subgroup 1see 4. Summary of the plating requirements for electrical components and risk assessment.

F’rt— 1 jiu in. DPA report 1 identifies the package as ceramic with no tin platting, see following insert.

【2N7269 IR】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Thesr components are available in square configura- tions with outside dimensions of approximately. Steve Jackson Program Manager i Date. The atrande shall have a ooating thickness of not less than 40 micro- inches of silver when tested in accordance with ASTM B Both the package and the leads are gold platted.

All copper or copper clad leads that are to be plated with gold or silver must first be coated with a barrier layer to prevent diffusion of the copper through the final lead finish d Silver leads and silver cladding shall contain a minimum of Mag netics also ofTers unique capabilities in the design and manufacture of spedalized components fabricated from magnetic materials in many sires and shapes.


Thickness shall be datashheet 1. C, C Types A, ft.

Commonly used sizes ore in stock for immediate shipment. Use of tin lead finishes are acceptable provided that the minimum lead content is 3 percent. Mniah letter Leac frwaa or tensing! Capacitors covered by this specification are classified by style as specified see 3 1 1. The final finish for leads see 1. Annealed dqtasheet steel wire shall nave me same retirements as – Tor copper-clad steel wire specified in 3.

The part leads can be identified as gold from the DPA color photographs. Flux shall be of such a quality as to enable the resistors to meet all the requirements of this specification. Tin-lead Sn-Pb finishes are acceptable provided that the minimum lead content is three percent see 6. Use of tin plating 2h7269 prohibited as a final finish and as an undercoat see 2n7296 8.

Thickness shall be 2 54 pm to micromches 7. El Acrobat Reader Jr. If electrical failures exceeding 1 percent of the lot are detected after the second retinning operation, the lot shall not be supplied to this specification c.